Solar Space Stations Could Be More Science Fact Than Fiction

The concept might sound worthy of a science fiction novel, but according to a new report solar space stations could become more the stuff of fact than fiction.

A report, released today, is the most significant assessment ever undertaken into the concept’s viability. At 248 pages long, it claims much of the world’s energy requirements could be met by orbiting solar power stations.

According to the International Academy of Astronautics, it is ” technically feasible for large satellites to transmit usable energy to earth using either lasers or microwave transmitters.”

While the paper claims space solar power has the potential to play a “tremendously important role” when it comes to meeting the energy demands of the 21st century, it fails to go into specific detail about the costs involved, or even how the technology could in fact be deployed.

With Governments around the world seeking clean, green energy sources, the report’s authors are calling for funding to be made available to aid further research. The best scenario, the report suggests, would see Governments team up with private firms to fund prototype projects.

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