Best Solar Battery Storage UK: Our Picks (2024)

best solar battery storage uk

Are you tired of being dependent on the grid or are you fed up with power outages? Then finding the best home battery storage in the UK may be the solution for you.

A solar battery offers numerous benefits for homeowners with solar panels, enabling them to maximise their electricity usage. With a solar battery, homeowners can optimise their energy use regardless of daily routines, making the most of solar panel benefits. But there are many important factors to consider when choosing the best solar battery storage.

If you’re often away from home during the day, a solar battery allows you to store excess energy for nighttime consumption. Conversely, if you spend ample time at home, you can generate your own clean electricity and avoid costly time-of-use rates. This reduces your reliance on the grid and fossil fuels, promoting long-term savings and environmental friendliness.

If you’ve already decided that a solar battery is the right choice for your home but just need some guidance in choosing the best solar battery storage in the UK, we’ve got you covered. We’ve analysed the specifications and reviews of solar batteries from the top brands in the industry and concluded the 5 best solar batteries on the UK market for you in this article.

As well as that, we can connect you with up to 4 qualified installers available in your area. Which solar battery is “the best” will depend on your needs and personal situation. Therefore, talking to a solar professional is the best way to gauge whether a battery is a good fit for your home. Hiring an experienced installer also gives you peace of mind that your battery is installed properly and won’t give you any trouble later down the line.

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Top 5 best solar batteries of 2024

In this section, we will take you through the best solar panel batteries in the UK, summarising each of their key specifications and explaining what each battery excels in. This will give you a better idea of which solar battery storage best matches your home.

Our top 5 best solar storage batteries are:

  1. Tesla Powerwall 2.0
  2. Powervault 3
  3. LG Chem Resu
  4. Enphase Encharge T Series
  5. sonnenBatterie 10

Keep reading to find out how each solar battery can be a valuable addition to your home.

Tesla Powerwall 2.0

Tesla Powerwall 2.0: one of the best solar batteries

Tesla’s reputation for creating quality products with sleek designs has made the Tesla Powerwall 2.0 one of the most in-demand solar batteries on the UK market.

One factor that sets the Tesla Powerwall 2.0 apart is its unrestricted 10-year warranty with an unlimited cycle clause. As you’ll see, most solar batteries’ warranty length is based on the number of cycles as well as the number of years passed, depending on which comes first.

Another advantage of the Tesla Powerwall 2.0 is that it can still function during power outages, so you can always feel secure about being able to power your home.

In the table below, we’ve summarised the specifications, including the cost of the Tesla Powerwall 2.0, so you can easily compare it with the other solar batteries mentioned in this article. It’s also worth noting that Tesla plans to release the Powerwall 3.0 in the near future.


Tesla Powerwall 2.0 Specifications
Total Capacity 14kWh (kilowatt-hour)
Usable Capacity 13.5kWh (kilowatt-hour)
Depth of Discharge 100%
Efficiency 90%
Power Oct. 2016: 7kW peak / 5kW continuous
Nov. 2020: 10kW peak / 5.8kW continuous
Battery Technology Lithium-ion
Warranty* 10 years
Cycles Warrantied* N/A
Power Cut Backup Yes
Operating Temperature -20°C to 50°C
Dimensions (H x W x D mm) 1,150 x 753 x 147
Weight 114kg
Installation Floor or wall mounted, indoor or outdoor, water and dust resistance
Cost (before installation £9,390

*whichever occurs first

Powervault 3

Powervault 3: one of the best solar batteries in the UK

Powervault is a UK-based company with a mission to lower people’s electricity bills and carbon footprints. Their most popular solar battery is the Powervault 3, and for good reason too. One of the main selling points of the Powervault 3 is that it is installed as an AC-coupled system directly into the electrical supply on your home’s fuse box.

This means the Powervault 3 is compatible with all solar PV systems. A solar inverter is also not required for the Powervault 3, which will effectively save you about £1,000.

Another financial benefit to owning a Powervault solar battery system is that you can sign up for their GridFLEX platform. By doing this, you allow Powervault to occasionally manage your solar battery in order to support the local and National Grid when there’s high demand. You can receive £120 per year from Powervault, which is guaranteed for 2 years.

The Powervault 3 comes in a wide range of energy capacities (4-20kWh), meaning you will likely find a battery that suits your needs. However, it’s important to keep in mind that the Powervault 3 cannot be used during a power outage. If experiencing power cuts in your area is a common problem, the Powervault 3 may not be the best storage battery for solar in your case.

However, if power cuts are a rare occurrence in your neighbourhood, then the Powervault 3 is likely to be a more cost-effective solar battery in comparison to other models. This is because being able to use a solar battery as a backup power source usually increases the total cost. In the table below, you can find the cost and other specifications of the Powervault 3:


Powervault 3 Specifications
Total Capacity 4kWh 8kWh 12kWh 16kWh 20kWh
Usable Capacity 4.1kWh 8.2kWh 12.3kWh 16.4kWh 20.5kWh
Depth of Discharge 100%
Efficiency N/A
Power Input (AC) 6.6 kW peak / 3.3kW continuous
Power Output (AC) 9.2 kW peak / 4.6 kW continuous 11kW peak / 5.5kW continuous
Battery Technology Lithium-polymer
Warranty* 10 years
Cycles Warrantied* At least 6,000
Power Cut Backup No
Operating Temperature 0°C to 35°C
Dimensions (H x W x D mm) 1200 x 980 x 250 1200 x 980 x 250 1490 x 980 x 250 1770 x 980 x 250 2050 x 980 x 250
Weight 129kg 179kg 229kg 279kg 329kg
Installation Floor or wall-mountable depending on size
Cost (before installation) £4,700 – £14,800

*whichever occurs first

Finding the perfect solar battery for your home can be overwhelming, especially when faced with technical details. But worry not, because we’re here to make the process effortless and streamlined for you. We have a large network of experienced solar installers who are ready to help you go solar- the smart way.

We’ll connect you with up to 4 solar installers and all of their expertise with the click of a button. Our installers will simplify the technical details and provide you with competitively priced quotes tailored to your home.

Say goodbye to long hours spent researching and vetting installers to find the best prices and embrace the ease of comparing quotes from installers you know are already vetted. Solar battery system costs typically range between £1,200 and £14,800 meaning you could save a substantial amount of money just by comparing the current prices of solar batteries.

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LG Chem RESU Prime

LG Chem RESU: one of the best solar batteries in the UK

Despite LG stopping the production of their solar panels in 2022, they’ve continued to sell their top of the line solar batteries under a separate company- LG Energy Solution LTD. Their RESU Prime is a great example of this.

Launched in 2021, the LG RESU Prime range comes in 2 models: the 10H (9.6kWh capacity) and the 16H (16kWh capacity). Both models are known for their high-performing power abilities and for their ability to operate during a power outage.

With the RESU solar battery line you can be assured you’re receiving a continuous on-demand energy supply. It’s a perfect choice for both homeowners aiming to reduce their reliance on the energy grid or to become energy self-sufficient.

As a leading global manufacturer of lithium-ion batteries, the RESU 16H Prime is one of the largest lithium-ion residential battery storages in the world. You can rest assured that this solar battery will cover the complete daily electricity use of an average home.

With 2 models to choose from, you can easily upgrade from the 10H to the 16H if you need more storage capacity to meet your daily energy needs. If you’re thinking of scaling your solar batteries, LG recommends not to have more than 2 batteries in parallel.

While it’s common to stipulate warranty based on the number of cycles or years owned, it’s also normal for your warranty to have a clause for throughput. Throughput is the total energy a manufacturer expects the battery to deliver throughout its lifetime. For the RESU 10H and 16H Prime, the warranty is valid for 10 years or once the throughput of 32mWh (megawatt-hour) and 54mWh is met, respectively.

LG Chem RESU 10H and 16H Prime Specifications
Total Capacity 9.6kWh 16kWh
Usable Capacity 9.6kWh 16kWh
Depth of Discharge 100%
Efficiency 97.5%
Peak Power 7kW for 10 seconds (only discharging) 11kW for 10 seconds (only discharging)
Battery Technology Lithium-ion
Warranty 10 years
Throughput Warrantied 32mWh 54mWh
Power Cut Backup Yes
Operating Temperature 15 to 30°C (recommended)
Dimensions (H x W x D mm) 744 x 907 x 206 1,086 x 504 x 295
Weight 111kg 159kg
Installation Indoor/Outdoor, Floor standing, Wall-mounted Indoor / Outdoor, Stand only
Cost (before installation) £5,100 £7,600

Enphase Encharge T Series

Enphase Encharge 10T: one of the best solar batteries in the UK

Founded in 2006, Enphase Solar is best known for their microinverter technology helping to turn sunlight into a more scalable and reliable energy source. Their inverters are compatible with almost all solar panels which can be combined with their solar batteries to create clean energy systems.

The second generation Enphase Encharge 3T and 10T ‘s all-in-one systems and ideal operating temperature (0º C to 30º C) have made them popular solar batteries able to work across the whole of the UK. This solar battery is also popular among homeowners and business owners who are frequented by power cuts as the Encharge can help to conserve power until grid power comes back.

Another standout part of the Enphase Encharge T Series is their smart software that allows you to monitor and optimise your usage in real time using a mobile app. In the palm of your hand you have access to see data about the clean energy you’re producing and you can share how you’re harnessing energy from the sun.

If you opt for the Encharge 3T you get a total usable energy capacity of 3.5kWh and four embedded microinverters with 1.28kW power rating. If your home needs a larger energy capacity, you can opt for the 10T which has a total energy usable capacity of 10.5kWh due to being comprised of three Encharge 3T storage units. Want an even larger capacity? You can also install multiple of the Encharge 10T.

Professional installers can easily help you choose and install the right system size to meet your needs, regardless of it being a new or retrofit installation. You can also reference the spec table below for more info on each model.

Enphase Encharge T Series Specifications
Total Capacity 3.5kWh 10.5kWh
Usable Capacity 3.5kWh 10.5kWh
Depth of Discharge 100%
Efficiency 96%
Output Power 1.28kVa (continuous) 3.84kVA (continuous)
Battery Technology Lithium iron phosphate
Warranty* 10 years
Cycles Warrantied* 3,600 cycles
Power Cut Backup Yes
Optimum Operating Temperature 0º C to 30º C
Dimensions (H x W x D mm) 430 x 775 x 188 1283 x 775 x 188
Weight 48.8kg 143.6kg
Installation Outdoor, wall mount
Cost (before installation) £2,990 £8,100 – £9,000

*whichever occurs first

SonnenBatterie 10

Sonnen: one of the best solar battery storages in the UK

sonnen is an energy storage system company founded in Southern Germany in 2010 and best known for their flagship product, the sonnenBatterie 10. Now a global company, sonnen’s vision is to transform the existing energy system from centralised power plants into decentralised, networked clean energy virtual power plants based on sonnen solar batteries.

The sonnenBatterie 10 is the perfect all rounder smart solar battery storage system for you if you’re looking to integrate it into an existing PV system or build a new system. Because this battery comes in 3 different sizes (5.5kWh, 11kWh, or 22kWh), you’re likely to be able to find one that fits your energy demand.

If you’re expecting changes to your household electricity demand in the future but still want to invest in a solar battery, then it’s good to know the sonnenBatterie is future proof because they’re designed to be able to add storage capacity.

An added benefit for those living in areas where power cuts are common is that sonnen batteries come with an “Emergency Mode” that you can turn on if you’re expecting a power cut soon. Then your battery will automatically charge fully and prepare to conserve as much power as possible and provide energy to your home.

Similar to other market leading solar batteries, you can expect a long lifespan with the sonnenBatterie 10. A superior standout point for sonnen is their market-leading warranty. With sonnen, you’re guaranteed a 10 year warranty or 10,000 charge cycle warranty and a 20 year battery service life on their sonnenBatterie 10. Sonnen’s performance guarantee also states that the battery will not operate less than 70% of its installed capacity after 10,000 cycles.

If you’re interested in the sonnenBatterie, check out the specification table below for more details per battery size:

SonnenBatterie 10 Specifications
Total Capacity 5.5kWh 11kWh 22kWh
Usable Capacity 5kWh 10kWh 20kWh
Depth of Discharge 90% – 100%
Efficiency 96,8%
Power 3.4kW 4.6kW
Battery Technology Lithium iron phosphate
Warranty 10 years
Cycles Warrantied 10,000
Power Cut Backup Yes
Operating Temperature -5°C to 45°C
Dimensions (H x W x D mm) 1720-1840 x 690 x 270 1720-1840 x 690 x 270
Weight 98kg 138kg 257kg
Installation Floor and wall mounting
Cost (before installation) £4,500 - £10,000

Our guide into the best solar battery storage options for you doesn’t stop at the research phase. We’re committed to your solar journey and are here to make it as streamlined as possible. We take it a step further by connecting you with exceptional solar installers who possess expert knowledge and competitive quotes tailor-made for your specific requirements. Say goodbye to long hours of confusion, research, and vetting in order to find the right installer.

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What makes the best solar battery storage stand out?

Factors to consider when finding the best solar battery

When it comes to choosing the best battery storage for your solar panel system, bigger doesn’t always mean better. There’s many factors to consider that will impact the ease, performance, and long term value to you as a homeowner.

While the specification tables we included per battery model earlier include the most important factors you should consider, there are 4 main factors we want to highlight specifically shown in the table below.


Factors to consider when finding the best solar battery
Factor Explanation
Warranty A solar battery’s warranty can be an indicator of the manufacturer’s confidence in their product and thus, the quality of a battery. Warranty can be offered in various ways, such as number of cycles and/or throughput (mWh), but the most common is the number of years.
Key indicators of a high-quality warranty include a high number of cycles, a high performance guarantee, and a long warranty period.
Capacity Capacity (measured in kWh) refers to the amount of electricity your solar battery can store and supply. The ideal capacity depends on your energy demand, what size solar system you have, and the battery cost. Larger homes and solar panel systems will need a larger capacity.

When talking about capacity, we’re usually describing either the total capacity or the usable capacity. Total capacity refers to the maximum amount of energy a battery can store, while usable capacity refers to the amount of energy that a battery can store safely and effectively without damaging the battery health or lifespan.

Battery technology Different battery types have different benefits that help to determine how effective it is at storing energy. Generally, Lithium-ion batteries tend to be popular as the standard installation for on-grid solar battery storage. Other battery types that we mention in this article include lithium iron phosphate and lithium-polymer.

When considering different battery technologies, its important to understand the tradeoffs when considering different battery technologies, such as features, capacity, and longevity when choosing a battery that fits your needs.

Power Cut backup It’s important to note that not all solar batteries are capable of functioning during a power outage- it depends on if the solar battery has been designed for on or off-grid operation. This is especially something to consider if you live in an area prone to power cuts.

Off-grid solar batteries are specifically engineered to function independently of the grid, allowing them to supply power during a power cut. On the other hand, on-grid solar batteries are intended to work alongside the grid and may not have the ability to provide power during an outage unless they are equipped with a backup power source like a generator.

When selecting a battery for your energy storage needs, it’s important to also consider additional features that can enhance its functionality. Features such as smart energy management systems and scalability/expansion options should be taken into account. For instance, some systems are built to allow you to scale up the capacity to a larger size. Real-time energy usage tracking can be a valuable feature as it enables you to optimise and maximise your energy consumption.

The type and size of battery you need will also depend on how many solar panels you have, so be sure to check out our guide to solar panels if you’re wondering “how many solar panels do I need?”.

Best cheap solar battery

After thorough research and analysis, we have identified the Enphase Encharge 3T as the best cheap solar battery available on the market. Priced at an affordable £2,990, it’s one of the best solar battery prices that offers excellent value for money without compromising on performance. With a usable capacity of 3.5kWh, this solar battery is perfectly suited for average-sized households with approximately three residents.

The Enphase Encharge 3T comes with an impressive warranty of 10 years or 3,600 cycles, whichever comes first, ensuring long-lasting reliability. Powered by lithium iron phosphate battery technology, it delivers efficient energy storage and has a reputation for excellent lifespan.

If your household has larger energy demands or you’re anticipating increased energy demand then you also have scalability options. For instance, you can upgrade to the Enphase Encharge 10T. This model offers greater capacity but comes with a higher price tag, ranging from £8,100 to £9,000.

Keep in mind that the cheapest solar battery is not necessarily the best solar battery for your home. It depends on your home’s needs. We’ll walk you through how to choose the best solar battery in the next section.

How we chose the best solar batteries

To find the 5 best solar batteries, our team of experts used a comprehensive approach that focused on striking the right balance between capacity, performance, and cost. The main factors we examined included cost, warranty, capacity, battery technology, and power cut backup. By considering these factors, we aimed to identify batteries that deliver optimal results while providing value for money.

Manufacturer knowledge, reputation, and warranty also played a significant role in our decision-making process. We understand that a manufacturer’s reputation is a testament to their product quality and customer satisfaction. It’s similar to how the warranty can indicate the manufacturer’s confidence in the battery’s performance and durability. We also accounted for customer service, and additional features like smart capabilities and options for scalability/expandability.

While we have chosen the top 5 solar batteries based on our criteria, it’s essential for you to make a decision that aligns with your specific needs. We recommend considering our main factors and applying them to your home. Ask yourself questions such as: how many people live in my home? How much sunlight does my house get? What portion of my energy demand do I want to be fulfilled through solar power?

If you’re not sure how to answer all of these questions, don’t worry, a local professional solar installer can help you answer these questions and more. Local professionals have a better expertise and understanding of which batteries operate best in the area. Their key knowledge about the local energy grid and electricity rates can help you maximise your newly installed battery’s performance for the long-term.

Discovering the right solar installer can be overwhelming with numerous options out there. But don’t worry, Solar Guide has done the hard work for you. Our extensive network of local installers has been meticulously vetted and certified so that you don’t have to go through the long hours of vetting them yourself.

Click the link below to connect with up to 4 reliable local solar installers ready to offer their most competitive quotes. The best part? This entire service comes at absolutely no cost to you, and you’re under no obligation to accept until you’ve found the perfect deal. Take charge of your solar journey with confidence and ease by clicking the link below.

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Which brand of solar battery is best?

Based on our research, we found the top 5 solar battery brands are Tesla, Powervault, LG Chem, Enphase, and sonnen. We’ve based our research on several key factors - such as brand reputation, cost, battery type, and capacity - and several additional factors such as ease of use and option for smart monitoring.

What are the best batteries for off-grid solar systems?

The best solar batteries for off-grid solar systems in the UK are the Tesla Powerwall 2.0, LG Chem Resu Prime, Enphase Encharge T Series, and sonnenBatterie 10.

What is the longest lasting solar battery?

Warranty is a good measure of the quality of some of the best of the solar batteries. One of the longest warranties for a solar battery in the industry is 25 years by SunPower. However, the average warranty period you’ll find for most solar batteries is 10 years.

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