Solar Roof Tiles in the UK: Costs, Pros + Cons in 2024

Solar Roof Tiles UK

Are you considering solar roof tiles for your home in the UK? Solar roof tiles could be the answer if you’re looking to utilise the sun’s power and make use of a sustainable alternative for your energy needs. This article explores the costs, pros, and cons of solar roof tiles in 2024 and helps you understand how they differ from traditional solar panels. By the end, you’ll have all the information you need to decide whether solar roof tiles are right for you.

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What are solar roof tiles? PV tiles explained

Solar roof tiles, also known as photovoltaic (PV) tiles, are innovative solar energy solutions that combine the functionality of traditional roof tiles with the ability to generate electricity from sunlight. Unlike traditional solar panels, which are mounted on top of existing roofs, solar roof tiles seamlessly integrate into the roof’s structure, providing an aesthetically pleasing and efficient energy solution. They are also referred to as integrated solar panels.

How do photovoltaic roof tiles work?

Photovoltaic roof tiles work by converting power from the sun’s rays into usable electricity. Each solar roof tile contains solar cells, typically made from classic monocrystalline solar cells or thin-film PV cells. The solar cells within the tiles are composed of semiconducting materials, such as silicon, that can convert sunlight into an electric current.

When sunlight hits the solar cells, the photons in the light excite the electrons in the material, creating an electric field that generates a direct current (DC) of electricity. To make this DC electricity usable in homes and buildings, an inverter is typically installed to convert the DC power into alternating current (AC), which is the type of electricity used by our appliances and the electrical grid.

Types of solar roof tiles

There are two major types of solar roof tiles: those made with classic monocrystalline solar cells and those made with thin-film PV cells. Each type has its own advantages and lifespan.

1. Classic Monocrystalline Solar Cell Tiles:
· Made from a single crystal structure, resulting in high solar panel efficiency and power output.
· Generally, they have a longer lifespan compared to thin-film PV tiles.
· More expensive to produce but provide greater energy generation per square foot.
· Monocrystalline solar panels’ cell lifespan can be 25 – 30 years. However, your system can last up to 40 years or more when maintained properly.

2. Thin-Film PV Cell Tiles:
· Made by depositing thin layers of semiconducting materials onto a substrate.
· Can be more flexible and lightweight than monocrystalline solar cell tiles.
· typically have a shorter lifespan compared to monocrystalline tiles.
· Often more affordable, but may require a larger roof area to generate the same amount of energy.
· Thin-Film panels have a short lifespan, ranging from 10 - 20 years. However, their payback time is the shortest, indicating that the system will generate substantial savings on your electricity expenses, ultimately covering its initial cost within a span of 8 years.

Solar roof tiles costs in the UK

The price of solar roof tiles can vary depending on factors such as system size, brand, and installation complexity. Let’s look at the average solar roof tiles costs based on system size.

The average costs of solar roof tiles by system size

System Size (kW) Average Cost Range (£) (Inc – VAT) Labour cost Total Cost Estimate
1-2 £5,500 – £9,000 £1,800 – £1,900 £7,300 – £10,900
3-4 £10,000 – £16,000 £2,000 – £2,200 £12,000 – £18,200
5-6 £17,000 – £21,000 £2,400 – £2,600 £19,400 – £23,600
7-8 £22,000 – £26,000 £2,700 – £3,000 £24,700 – £29,000

Please note that solar panel grants and incentives may also be available in the UK to reduce further the costs of installing solar roof tiles. It’s worth exploring these opportunities and discussing them with your chosen installer to maximise the benefits of your solar investment.

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Pros and cons of solar roof tiles in 2024

As solar roof tiles continue to gain popularity as an alternative energy solution, it’s important to consider their advantages and disadvantages.

Advantages of solar roof tiles

  • Aesthetically pleasing integration: One of the significant advantages of solar roof tiles is their seamless integration with the roof. Unlike traditional solar panels, solar roof tiles blend in with the house’s overall design, maintaining its aesthetic appeal.
  • Increased property value: Solar roof tiles can enhance the value of your property. Including renewable energy solutions is attractive to potential buyers, as it signifies energy efficiency and reduced utility costs.
  • Energy independence: Solar roof tiles allow homeowners to reduce their support on traditional energy sources by generating electricity from sunlight. This increased energy independence offers peace of mind and contributes to a more sustainable future.
  • Long-term savings: Solar roof tiles can significantly lower your electricity bills. By harnessing renewable energy, you can reduce or eliminate your dependence on the grid, resulting in long-term cost savings.
  • Environmental benefits: Solar roof tiles are a clean and renewable energy solution, significantly reducing your carbon footprint. By choosing solar, you actively contribute to mitigating climate change and protecting the environment.

Disadvantages of solar roof tiles

  • Higher initial costs: The upfront costs of installing solar roof tiles can be higher compared to traditional solar panels. This is primarily due to the integration and customisation required for a seamless installation. How much solar panels cost can also depend on whether your roof is new or old, with newer ones being cheaper for installation.
  • Limited efficiency: Solar roof tiles generally have slightly lower energy efficiency compared to traditional solar panels. However, advancements in technology are continually improving the efficiency of solar roof tiles.
  • Complex installation process: Installing solar roof tiles can be more complex and time-consuming than traditional solar panels. This is because the tiles need to be carefully integrated into the roofing system, requiring professional expertise.
  • Limited market availability: While the market for solar roof tiles is expanding, the availability of brands and installers may vary depending on your location. Researching and finding reputable installers specialising in solar roof tile installations is essential.

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What is the difference between solar tiles and solar panels?

Regarding harnessing solar energy, there are two main options: solar tiles vs solar panels. Both solutions offer the benefits of renewable energy but differ in design, installation, and functionality. Let’s see the key differences between solar tiles and solar panels, helping you understand which option may best fit your needs.

Design and aesthetics

Solar tiles:

  • Solar tiles are designed to blend seamlessly with the roof, mimicking the appearance of traditional roofing materials.
  • They are available in various styles, such as slate or terracotta, allowing for a visually appealing integration with the overall architectural design of the building.

Solar panels:

  • Solar panels consist of photovoltaic (PV) modules that are typically mounted on top of an existing roof.
  • They have a distinct, rectangular shape and are commonly seen as separate units on the roof.

Integration and installation

Solar tiles:

  • Solar tiles are integrated into the roofing structure during the initial construction or roof replacement process.
  • The tiles replace the traditional roofing materials, making them an integral part of the roof itself.
  • This integration requires specialised installation by professionals with expertise in solar roof tile systems.

Solar panels:

  • Solar panels are typically mounted on racks or brackets that are attached to the roof surface.
  • The installation process involves securing the panels onto the roof, allowing them to capture sunlight and generate electricity.
  • The installation of solar panels can be done on existing roofs without the need for major roof modifications.

Energy efficiency

Solar tiles:

  • Tiles have slightly lower solar panel efficiency compared to traditional solar panels.
  • The design of solar tiles prioritises aesthetics and seamless integration, which can result in a slightly lower overall energy generation capacity.

Solar panels:

  • They are optimised to maximum energy production and solar panel efficiency.
  • They typically comprise a larger surface area of PV cells, allowing for higher energy generation per unit.

Cost considerations

Solar tiles:

  • Solar tiles tend to have higher upfront costs compared to solar panels.
  • The integration and customisation required for a seamless installation contribute to the overall costs.
  • However, solar tiles may offer additional value in terms of enhancing property aesthetics and potentially increasing property value.

Solar panels:

  • You should know how much solar panels cost. The simple truth is that solar panels generally have lower upfront costs compared to solar tiles.
  • One of the benefits of solar panels is their wide availability and mature market, resulting in competitive pricing.
  • The overall cost can vary based on factors such as the brand, system size, and installation complexity.

Solar panel roof tile manufacturers in the UK

As of today, three prominent manufacturers stand out for their reputation, reliability, and commitment to delivering high-quality products: GB Sol, Tesla, and Solecco. Let’s delve into the innovative solutions these esteemed companies offer in solar panel roof tiles.

GB Sol solar Tiles

Solar roof tiles GB-sol

GB Sol is a well-known UK manufacturer specialising in solar panel roof tiles. They have developed their PV Slate, a solar panel roof tile designed to integrate seamlessly with slate roofs, providing an elegant solution for homeowners who value the aesthetics of their roofs. GB Sol manufactures their solar tiles in Wales, ensuring local production and supporting the UK economy.

Key Features of GB Sol Solar Tiles:

  • Designed specifically for integration with slate roofs, maintaining the traditional look.
  • High-quality materials and craftsmanship for durability and long-term performance.
  • Aesthetically pleasing design that seamlessly blends with the roof.
  • Provides a reliable and efficient energy solution for homes.

Tesla solar Roof Tiles

Solar roof tiles TeslaTesla solar roof tiles are widely recognised for their innovative approach to solar roof tiles. Their Solarglass Roof combines the aesthetics of traditional roof tiles with solar energy generation. Although availability may vary by region, Tesla has been expanding its distribution globally, and orders can be placed through its online store.

Key Features of Tesla Solar Roof Tiles:

  • Smart and modern design that seamlessly integrates into the roof.
  • High-efficiency solar cells for optimal energy generation.
  • Durability and weather resistance for long-lasting performance.
  • Backed by Tesla’s reputation for technological advancements and innovation.

Solecco Solar Tiles

Solar roof tiles SolecoSolecco is another reputable brand offering solar tiles in the UK. Their solar tiles are designed to provide an alternative energy solution that seamlessly blends with various roof types. Solecco’s solar tiles are versatile, allowing for integration into different architectural styles and roof designs.

Key Features of Solecco Solar Tiles:

  • Flexibility to adapt to different roof types, providing a customisable solution.
  • High-quality materials for durability and efficient energy generation.
  • Aesthetic options to match the desired look and feel of the roof.
  • Sustainable and environmentally friendly energy solution.

Are solar roof tiles worth it in the UK? A conclusion

After considering the various factors and weighing the pros and cons, the question remains: Are solar roof tiles worth it in the UK? The answer depends on your specific circumstances, priorities, and long-term goals. However, there are compelling reasons why solar roof tiles are worth serious consideration.

They provide an opportunity to reduce reliance on traditional energy sources, increase energy independence, and contribute to a greener and more sustainable future. Additionally, solar roof tiles can enhance the value of your property and provide long-term cost savings on your electricity bills.

While solar roof tiles may have higher upfront costs compared to traditional solar panels, the aesthetic and integration benefits they offer may outweigh the initial investment. It’s important to consider the long-term value, including potential energy savings and increased property value to about 20% when evaluating the cost-effectiveness of solar roof tiles.

To make an informed decision and determine the best solution for your home, obtaining personalised quotes from professional installers is recommended. Our service at Solar Guide is designed to simplify this process for you. With our service, you can obtain up to 4 quotes for solar roof tiles within 48 hours, allowing you to compare prices and make an informed choice. It’s important to note that our service is completely free, and there is no obligation to accept any of the quotes you receive.

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Are solar roof tiles any good?

Yes, solar roof tiles are a good option for homeowners looking to utilise solar energy while maintaining the aesthetics of their roofs. They seamlessly integrate into the roof, providing a visually appealing and efficient solution for renewable energy generation. They have many advantages along with some disadvantages.

How much power do solar roof tiles produce?

The power production of solar roof tiles relies on various factors, including the system’s size, the solar cells’ efficiency, and the amount of sunlight received. Solar roof tiles can generate between 10-63 watts of power per square foot. The total power output of a system will depend on the configuration and size of the installation.

Are solar tiles cost-effective?

Solar tiles can be a cost-effective choice over the long term. While they may have higher upfront costs compared to traditional solar panels, they offer benefits such as increased property value by 20%, reduced electricity bills, and a smaller carbon footprint. The cost-effectiveness of solar tiles also depends on factors such as local energy rates, available incentives, and the specific energy needs of the homeowner.

What are the best solar roof tiles in the UK?

Several reputable solar roof tile brands are available in the UK. Some popular options include GB Sol solar tiles, Tesla solar roof tiles, and Solecco solar tiles. The best choice for you will depend on factors such as your aesthetic preferences, budget, roof type, and energy goals.

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