"My wife and I are very pleased with the process from start to finish. Communication concerning the job as a whole was particularly good".
Colin, Spey Bay

Solar Thermal and Solar PV

Solar Thermal & Solar PV There are many benefits and incentives to be had from installing Solar Thermal and other solar technologies such as Solar PV...

Benefits of Solar Thermal
  • You'll be able to claim the Renewable Heat Incentive from its domestic launch in 2014.
  • Produce up to 1/3 of your hot water.
  • Reduce CO2 emissions by up to 530kg.
  • Reduce heating bills by up to £65 p/a.
Benefits of Solar PV
  • Sell electricity back to the grid via the Feed-In Tariff.
  • Reduce CO2 emissions by up to 1 tonne.
  • Reduce energy bills by up to £200 p/a.
  • Up to 10% tax-free return-on-investment.
  • Calculate potential profit with the Solar Guide Solar PV Feed-In Tariff Calculator.

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5.00 out of 5
Quotation was competitive no heavy handed sales talk. Fitting was carried out on time and with very little disruption would recommend this company. System now working as described .
On by Richard from Doncaster
5.00 out of 5
Very thorough explanation of the options and what the benefit would be. Pointed to some referee's we could check with. Did NOT give the "aggressive sales pitch" approach, very professional. Allowed me (at my request)to have some involvement in the installation (with their guidance), which was...
On by Mr Kingswell from Charlton Kings
4.67 out of 5
We are really happy with our solar panels from Green Energy Solutions. The advise was balanced, the range of panels and inverters available was good and you can build a system that meets your quality standards and budget. The planning and execution of the work was great and all completed on the...
On by Paul from Plymouth
4.75 out of 5
Very friendly and professional, responded to all queries and problems quickly. well informed on progress of job Efficient and professional job throughout. Happy to recommend to anyone wanting solar panels. Also pleased with level of after sales service.
On by Jonathan from Northampton
3.83 out of 5
Fenland Solar prove to be true professionals in the solar panel industry. From start to finish the accuracy, precision and competency in presentation, quoting, installation and application of the whole package was equivalent to a well oiled engine. All questions were answered quickly backed up...
On by Kevin from Doncaster
5.00 out of 5
1st class service from 1st class company from my 1st point of contact to the finished installation. Not to mention a walk through the finished installation to explain its workings. Also left reassured that if I needed anything explained I could contact John which I have availed of and had a great...
On by Ryan from Limavady

Solar PV Feed-In Tariff Calculator

Solar Feed-In Tariff Calculator

With the launch of the Government's Feed-In Tariff, electricity generating solar photovoltaic (PV) installations are now a viable proposition for domestic households.

With a guaranteed 20 year income installations can pay for themselves in under 10 years, with any revenue generated thereafter being pure tax-free profit.

Whilst it's easy to generalise these figures every installation and circumstance is unique and for that reason it's important to research the viability of Solar PV for your own specific requirement.

Try our neutral and un-biased Solar PV Feed-In Tariff calculator to assess feasibility. If it works for you then please ensure you request quotes from MCS certified installers to benefit from the feed-in tariff.

Government Grants and Incentives for Solar

  • Solar panels and the Green Deal
    Green Deal

    October 2012 saw the launch of the Green Deal, a Government scheme which is set to revolutionise Britain's poorly insulated and ageing housing stock. Through the scheme customers will be able to apply for funding from the end of January 2013 to install energy efficiency home improvements including solar panels and other microgeneration technologies.

  • Feed-in Tariff for Solar PV
    Solar PV

    The Feed-In Tariff, also known as FIT, became available in the UK on April 1 2010 and is the electricity sector of the Clean Energy Cash Back scheme - a Government-backed scheme that pays people who create their own electricity using green technology including solar PV panels.

  • Renewable Heat Incentive for Solar Thermal
    Solar Thermal

    Homeowners, businesses and communities wishing to benefit from reduced energy bills and environmentally friendly technology will be able to do so through the upcoming Renewable Heat Incentive (RHI) and Solar Thermal.

Solar PV & Solar Water Heating Information

  • Solar Panel Grants

    Homeowners that generate their own electricity or hot water from renewable or low carbon sources such as solar PV or solar thermal panels can receive regular payments via the Feed-in Tariff or Renewable Heat Incentive.

  • Solar Thermal

    Solar thermal panels convert the Sun's solar energy into hot water to complement your existing domestic hot water supply. The technology uses evacuated tube or flat-plate collector panels coupled with a twin-coil cylinder normally located within your airing cupboard. A typical installation can supply up to 1/3 of your hot water all year round.

  • Solar PV

    Solar PV technology is an extremely underused technology within the UK which can provide huge cost savings to a domestic household whilst also generating income via the Clean Energy Cashback feed-in tariff by selling back unused energy to your energy supplier.

  • Solar Panels

    Solar panels come in a variety of different types and technologies all suited to varying situations and requirements. The two main types of panel are differentiated by their output of either electricity (solar PV) or hot water (solar thermal).

  • Solar Power

    Solar power has been harnessed for many years but only in the least few years has solar technology become economically viable for use in the domestic household. Solar thermal can provide hot water all-year round whilst solar PV can cut up to £200 off your energy bills and provide a passive income via the Government's feed-in tariff.

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By Katie Anderson - 22 April 2014

Solar thermal evacuated tubes

Good news for owners of solar thermal systems. With the launch of the domestic Renewable Heat Incentive this month, you can now get paid for generating your own hot water. The Renewable Heat Incentive, also known as the RHI, got … Continue reading

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