Minister pledges to protect small scale solar installations

Action will be taken if commercial operators try to exploit the Feed-In Tariff, says Energy Minister.

The Government’s Feed-In Tariff was launched in April 2010 as a means to encourage homeowners to generate their own solar electricity.

Under the scheme, a typical household could save around £120 a year on their bills.

However, Climate Change and Energy Minister Greg Barker has voiced his concerns that industrial scale projects could eat into the scheme’s budget.

The fear is that if too many large companies jump on board the tariff bandwagon, it could make it more difficult for ordinary households to sign up.

The Government has pledged just under £400m for the Feed-In Tariff until 2014. So far more than 19,000 UK households have registered to take part.

Minister Greg Barker said: "I am planting the seeds for growth so we can see small scale energy generation flourish in homes, businesses and communities. All elements of the industry, from standards and access to information to technology and skills must be ready to deliver and grow.”

He later told the BBC in a statement: “If I see that large scale solar projects on an industrial scale stand to take a disproportionate amount of the money that is there to be spread widely for homeowners and small businesses, I will act.”

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