Farmers plan to build a £12m solar farm in Swindon

Residents in Swindon met together yesterday to find out more about plans for a large solar installation at a local farm.

Rupert and Joanna Burr, the owners of Roves Farm, in Sevenhampton, have unveiled their plans to the public for a £12m solar farm to be built on their land.

The project will consist of about 17,000 solar panels being installed to create a five-megawatt capacity solar farm.

The installation will span across an approximate 30 acres of land in two fields to the west of the Roves Farm buildings. If completed, the development will be the largest solar installation of its kind to be eligible for the Government’s Feed-In Tariff.

It is hoped that the solar farm will provide enough electricity to power 1,000 homes once it is up and running.

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