UK's first Sun Park will power around 280 homes

Artist's impression of Sun Park

Ecotricity, a green electricity company, has been granted planning permission to develop the UK's first ever Sun Park.

The project will be taking the lead in aseries of plans to create fields of PV panels that connect directly into the UK grid.

Ecotricity’s Sun Park will produce electricity from sunlight and will consist of a 1MW array of panels. They will be built next to the company’s existing wind farm in Lincolnshire, which opened in 2008.

It is intended that the two projects will combine the energy of both the wind and the sun into one to generate enough electricity for around 280 average homes each year for the next 25 years.

The PV solar panels will stand at two meters high and in 59 rows on a 4.7 acre site. Their installation will be funded by EcoBonds.

Ecotricity plans to begin work within a few weeks ready for full operation by March next year.

It is hoped that the hybrid technologies will allow for power to be generated all year round, with wind power most effective in winter and the panels being more so in the summer.

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