Thames Water to Invest in the Power of Solar Energy

Thames Water, the UK’s largest water and sewerage company, has agreed a deal to install solar panels in a move which is estimates could shave £100,000 annually off its £80m energy bill.

The project will see solar panels equivalent to the size of 15 football pitches fitted to three of the company’s sites across London, including the Beckton desalination plant in Newham and on storm tanks at Crossness sewage works in Bexley. Together, the solar panels will provide more than 4,500 megawatt hours of electricity every year – enough to run 970 average-sized homes.

Solar PV specialists Ennoviga Solar will be responsible for installing and maintaining the solar panels. The £7m investment will be repaid by selling the clean electricity produced to Thames Water at a competitive price.

According to Dr Piers Clark, commercial director at Thames Water, implementing solar technology will provide the water company with a long term cheaper, renewable source of power.

“We think this is the right thing to do for our 14 million customers and to help move Britain that little bit closer to becoming a low-carbon economy,” he added.

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