Solarcentury reveals new solar electric slate

Solarcentury, one of the UK's top solar electricity companies, has developed a universal solar electric slate, enabling many UK homes with slate roofs to go solar.

Solarcentury's C21e slate, launched to the public at the Ecobuild event, will help to meet demand for solar photovoltaics, where the Feed-In Tariff rewards domestic solar electricity production.

This high tech product has been 18 months in development, and its novel design is considered to be at the forefront of solar photovoltaic innovation.

Building upon the success of Solarcentury's existing, award winning C21e Tile system, the new C21e solar electric slate widens the opportunity for homes to go solar, simplifies specification for both retrofit and new build installations and speeds up the installation time. The simplicity of C21e has attracted major house builders across the UK, where it is accepted as a mainstream construction product, generating clean electricity for homes with minimal visual impact.

Solarcentury has helped thousands of homes and businesses go solar with its range of solar products. The company has a history of innovation in building integrated solar products that provide an alternative to traditional building materials.

Derry Newman, CEO of Solarcentury said: “Our new solar electric slate is a first. To make it fit with any type of slate our design team had to use manufacturing techniques commonly used in the automotive and high tech consumer electronics industries. After detailed and thorough testing the result is a product with advanced weather protection features which is more than robust enough to meet the stringent building product standards across Europe. It is a testament to Solarcentury’s depth of experience in solar roofing and our ability to innovate.”

Over four million homes in the UK have slate roofs, until now the options for going solar were limited to bolt-on or systems with limited compatibility. With the new C21e slate, any slate roof can now benefit from going solar, without compromising the country's roofscape.

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