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March 2020 Announcement: Ikea / Solarcentury have placed their UK solar panel offering under review until further notice.


Solarcentury is the UK's largest, independent solar company and the fastest growing private renewable energy company in 2017.

Solarcentury is a trusted supplier to the Government, industry, schools and homeowners. In fact, since the company was founded in 1998 they have helped 25,000 homeowners to benefit from solar energy. Led by industry expert and climate change campaigner, Dr Jeremy Leggett, since then the company has also been associated with many of the UK's highest profile solar power projects, including work with the Eden Project, the Environment Agency, the National Trust headquarters, the CIS Tower and the Big Brother House.

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As one of the longest standing companies they claim to have "put solar on more types of roofs than any other company out there". The Solarcentury operation covers the entire solar process, from designing and manufacturing right through to advising, specifying and installation. The company's overriding motivation is to change the world for the better through lowering carbon emissions and increasing our use of renewable energies.

Sunstation Solar Panels from Solarcentury

solar panel installation from SolarcenturySolar panels from Solarcentury are named Sunstation and have been designed to not only lower our reliance on energy from the National Grid but also to look great in the process! Solarcentury recognise that no homeowner wants to add an eyesore to their roof so have designed their solar panels to blend in as seamlessly as possible.

Sunstation panels have been designed to be compatible with a wide range of roof tiles so you shouldn't need to adapt your roof to accommodate them. The panels themselves are black and installed with hidden framework so they sit 'flush' with the roof. They have undergone extreme weather testing so you can rest assured you're receiving a high quality addition to your home. With just 8 components to the system, the installation should be complete in a single day.

Sunstation Electrical Specification

Photovoltaic Cell Technology: Monocystalline
Cell Dimensions (quantity) / diodes: 156 x 156mm (60) x 3
Peak Power: 275Wp – (0Wp + 5Wp)
Laminate Size (active area): 1644 x 985mm
Module Efficiency: 16.82%
Maximum Power Voltage (Vmp): 30.80V
Maximum Power Current (lmp): 8.93A
Open Circuit Voltage (Voc): 38.52
Short Circuit Current (lsc): 9.38A
Maximum System Voltage (Vdc): 1000V DC
Series Fuse Rating: 15A
NOCT: 45+/-2?
Temperate coefficient of open circuit voltage: -0.330% /?
Temperate coefficient of short circuit current: 0.059% /?
Temperate coefficient of power: -0.410% /?
Connectors: Multicontact MC4 IP65
Cables: Class II double insulated 4mm temperature rated -40? – 85?

It's also possible to install these panels with a battery storage system which includes a 10 year warranty. The battery will store the solar energy generated by your panels during the day for use in the evening when the sun is no longer shining but your energy use is often higher.

Why choose Solarcentury for your solar energy system?

In addition to their nearly 20 years of expertise and excellent reputation, Solarcentury are a brand with real dedication to their environmental responsibility.

The company is and always has been committed to making solar power as accessible as possible on a global basis. While they began with domestic, rooftop installations, today they regard themselves as an "international utility-scale solar developer" striving to make "a positive difference in the fight against climate change".

In support of this social conscience the company founded an international development charity, SolarAid, with the goal of eliminating toxic, dangerous and costly kerosene lamps from Africa by replacing them with lamps which use free, clean solar energy to give light.

Solarcentury has installed 1GWp of solar across more than 1000 sites in four continents. As of 2017 they have offices in seven countries (in addition to UK Headquarters) with over 150 professionals led by senior executives with extensive experience in the renewable energy and power sector.

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