Ecotricity: Vegan Energy

Ecotricity is a green electricity company dedicated to changing the way electricity is made.

Since 1996 the company has been building wind turbines and selling electricity across the country. Ecotricty is in fact the only green electricity company building new renewable energy sources.

They supply to names such as the Co-operative Bank and are recommended by the Soil Association and Oxfam.

The company also supplies their electricity to homes or businesses. Their ambition is to provide clean energy, helping customers to reduce their emissions and protect the environment.

Ecotricity can source to any home in the UK as long as there is a connection to gas and electric mains.

The company has recently revealed its intentions to build a series of ‘Sun Parks‘ throughout the UK. The first Park, which will comprise of a field of solar panels, is expected to be built next March in Lincolnshire and will power around 280 homes by solar and wind technologies.

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