Planning permission sought for London solar farm

Proposals have been put forward to turn a 20 acre site in London into a solar farm.

Alectron Investments is seeking permission to build a solar farm on a plot of land on the Herriard Estate,  in south Basingstoke.

If plans are approved, the solar farm will be used to generate renewable energy for the regional grid, creating enough power to run up to 1,200 homes per year.

Solar photovoltaic panels will be used for the installation. The panels are as tall as 3.5metres and will be positioned in rows approximately 10 metres apart.

According to Alectron Investments, the plans have already received a positive response from local residents.

Basingstoke and Deane Borough Council will be making a decision on the planning application in the coming months.

If the solar farm ever ceases to be used, the land will be returned to its present form and all the equipment will be removed.

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