October 2018 Feed-in Tariff Announced at 3.43p/kWh

The new Feed-in Tariff (FiT) rates have been released by Ofgem and has seen the generation tariff drop from 3.93p/kWh down to 3.43p/kWh, in line with quarterly digression. This new rate will be in effect from 1st October until 31st of December 2018.

The export tariff remained the same at 5.24 p/kWh and is paid for every kWh you sell to the electricity grid.

Feed-in Tariff Rates from 1st October to 31st December 2018

We've picked out the new Feed-in Tariff rates for a range of solar PV systems, take a look below:

Capacity FiT Rate (p/kWh)
0-10kW 3.93
10-50kW 4.17
50-250kW 1.79
250kW-1000kW 1.43
>1MW 0.25
Standalone 0.12

Want to know more about the Feed-in Tariff? Find out everything you need to know in our guide to the FiT scheme. You can also see a full list of rates on the official Ofgem feed-in tariff generation and export payment rate table.

Deployment Caps in 2018

Deployment caps prevent too many installations from receiving the Feed-in Tariff during any quarter of the year. Once a certain number of installations are receiving the Feed-in Tariff, and the cap is reached, no further installations are eligible for the generation tariff during that time.

Any remaining applications are placed into a queue for the next FiT rates instead. To give you the best possible chance of getting the new FiT rate, we recommend getting your application in as soon as possible.

Feed-in Tariff to End In 2019

With the Feed-in Tariff ending in 2019, there's very little time left for you to benefit from the scheme. Any applications received after 31st March 2019 won't be eligible for these payments and the government has announced that another scheme won't be coming in to replace it. If you currently receive FiT payments, you don't need to worry as you'll continue to get them until your solar PV system is 20 years old (25 in some cases).

Those of you that haven't yet installed solar PV for your home and are interested in cheaper energy bills, reduced carbon emissions and cashing in on those FiT payments then we highly recommend acting fast.

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