April 2018 Feed-in Tariff announced at 4.01p/kWh

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Ofgem have released the new Feed in Tariff rates that will be in effect between 1st April 2018 and 30th June 2018. The generation tariff now sits at 4.01 p/KWh (previously sitting at 3.93p/kWh) with the figure rising due to inflation.

The export tariff (which is paid for every kWh you sell to the electricity grid) remains the same at 5.03 p/kWh.

Feed-in Tariff rates from 1 April until 30 June 2018

Capacity FiT Rate (p/kWh)
0-10kW 4.01
10-50kW 4.25
50-250kW 1.85
250kW-1000kW 1.50
>1MW 0.31
Stand alone 0.15

You are able to find a full list of rates in the official Ofgem Feed-in Tariff ( FIT) Generation and export payment rate table. Alternatively you can learn more about how the Feed-in Tariff works in our own handy guide.

Deployment caps in 2018

Deployment caps were implemented at the start of 2016, with these applying to applications for the FiT in 2017 and moving forward. This has been done to keep the FiT within budget. Once the cap is reached there is no further installations eligible for the generation tariff in that quarter. Any remaining applications are placed into a queue for the next FiT rates instead. With this we advise getting your application in as soon as possible to try and get the current FiT rate.

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