Largest solar rooftop installation in France delivered by Hanwha

Hanwha Solar, an offshoot of Korean giant Hanwha Group, has installed an 7.7 MW solar PV array on the roof of a building recently constructed by French Engineering, Procurement and Construction (EPC) contractor Solvéo Energie near Rion-des-Landes to serve a Ginseng plantation. The Solar modules will help the company to finance the project which was officially inaugurated last week.

The production of Ginseng is a new venture within the French agricultural industry, however its cultivation can be challenging given that the roots of the plants need four years before they can be harvested. Ginseng only thrives in shady areas and so it is hoped that the new building will create ideal growing conditions with the huge roof providing excellent shelter from the sun. At the same time the 9-hectare roof also provides an ideal surface for a solar PV array and so it now boasts 36,900 solar PV panels representing a total of 8.7 MW installed capacity, 7.7MW of which have been installed by Hanwha.

"The Rion-des-Landes plant demonstrates how synergies with solar energy can successfully bring innovative projects forward" said Charles Kim, president of Hanwha Solar. "France is one of our key markets in Europe and we will continuously expand our presence and engagement here."

The array is expected to generate an annual capacity of 10,000,000 kWh, equivalent to the average electricity consumption of 4,000 households. Moreover, the building and its new solar PV array has been constructed in only six months, largely through Hanwha Solar's flexible financing arrangements which is available for specific projects.

"The cooperation with Hanwha Solar made the realization of this huge project possible," said Jean-Marc Matéos, President of Solvéo Energie. "The professionalism and responsiveness of service that Hanwha Solar displayed during the process have significantly contributed to the successful construction."


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