Portugese solar thermal company enters UK market

Energie Solar is partnering with Scottish renewable energy firm Solar Electricity Systems to bring its range of thermodynamic solar modules into Scotland and the UK. The innovative modules are lightweight, use no glass and operate all the year round.

The solar thermal panels in fact weigh less than 8kg and they are capable of heating water 365 days a year thanks to an ecological fluid which circulates at a negative temperature. This causes the fluid to evaporate into gas which is then sucked up by a compressor. The heat generated by the compression process in turn heats the water.

Glasgow based Solar Electricity Systems, which specialises in solar PV and solar water heating systems will be the sole distributor of Energie's thermodynamic modules in Scotland.

"All the signs are that thermodynamic panels will be a game-changing technology and we anticipate a surge in demand among installers" said Jim Kirkland, the company's Managing Director. "The advantages for people in the trade which the new panels have over existing systems are quite remarkable. They are compact and light, making them easy to handle, transport and store. Installation is a different ball game altogether, since the panels  don’t have to fitted on to a south-facing, sloping roof, with all the scaffolding and working at height regulation requirements which that entails. Instead they can be easily fitted onto an outside wall, or even a garage wall. The installer can liaise with the customer on the most effective and least obtrusive position for the panels to be placed."

The company is confident that thermodynamic panels will become very popular in the UK once the renewables sector starts to raise awareness of them among the general public. They see demand for the panels rising steadily in the years to come.

"This deal will allow Solar Electricity Systems to pioneer the future of domestic water heating in the UK and make a revolutionary, super-efficient and 100 percent green product available to trade customers and consumers alike" said a spokesperson from Energie.

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