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When it comes to finding solar panels that will give you the most value for money, SunPower is the manufacturer of choice. Since 1985, their solar panels have been installed onto residential properties and businesses.

Slightly more out of the ordinary, SunPower solar modules were used to on the first ever manned flight in a panel powered by solar energy – this is a manufacturer with innovation at the heart of everything they do.

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Why Choose SunPower Solar Panels?

SunPower is one of the most trusted and well-respected solar manufacturers around and their history speaks for itself.

Should you decide to invest in SUnpower solar panels, you can be guaranteed of the following benefits:

  • Durability
  • Reliability
  • Increased energy generation
  • High efficiency

The Sunpower Maxeon 3 range of solar panels deliver a power output of 400W – the first residential panels to reach that level – which can deliver your home with 60% more energy than conventional panels over the 25 year warranty period. For their Maxeon panels to still be achieving efficiency levels of 92% going into the 25th year makes this range of panels a huge investment.

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SunPower Maxeon 3

Maxeon 3 is the leading range of solar panels from manufacturer SunPower. These are highly efficient and powerful modules that are capable of generating 60% more energy of the 25 year warranty period than other solar panels on the market.

The range includes the first residential solar panel with a power output of 400W and .

  • No grid lines as they use back-contact conductivity which also allows them to absorb more sunlight
  • The use of triple-redundant connectors removes concerns about them expanding and contracting when there's a change in temperature
  • Lowest degradation rates in the solar industry (0.25% per year for 24 years)
  • Still able to reach highly efficient levels of 92% after 24 years

In addition to all of the above, SunPower state that their Maxeon solar modules have the potential to last for more than 40 years which would make them amongst the lengthiest on the market.

Module SPR-MAX3-400 SPR-MAX3-395 SPR-MAX3-390
Nominal Power 400W 395W 390W
Efficiency 22.6% 22.3% 22.1%
Cell Type Monocrystalline
Weight 19kg

As well as the above solar modules, the Maxeon 3 range also includes 'BLK' models of 355W and 375W. While the panels above have grid lines, these are completely black, giving them a seamless and modern design.

Module SPR-MAX3-375-BLK SPR-MAX3-355-BLK
Nominal Power 375W 355W
Efficiency 21.2% 20.1%
Cell Type Monocrystalline
Weight 19kg

SunPower Maxeon 2

Before the Maxeon 3 range came Maxeon 2 which are also highly efficient – designed to deliver around 45% more energy over a 25 year period than conventional solar panels.

Module SPR-MAX2-360 SPR-MAX3-350 SPR-MAX3-340
Nominal Power 360W 350W 340W
Efficiency 20.4% 19.8% 19.2%
Cell Type Monocrystalline
Weight 19kg

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SunPower X-Series: X22-370 DC

The X-22-370 DC is an incredibly efficient solar panel with an efficiency of 22.7% which is able to deliver up to 60% more energy than a conventional solar panel during its lifetime.

Module SPR-X22-370
Nominal Power 370W
Efficiency 22.7%
Cell Type Monocrystalline
Weight 19kg

SunPower X-Series: X22-360 DC

These panels are the ideal choice for properties where space is at a premium and there's no loss of efficiency with these modules also able to give your home 60% more energy over 25 years compared to solar panels from another brand.

Module SPR-X22-360 SPR-X21-345
Nominal Power 360W 345W
Efficiency 22.1% 21.2%
Cell Type Monocrystalline
Weight 19kg

SunPower X-Series: X21-350-BLK DC

BLK solar panels from SunPower have a sleek black design that look more elegant than traditional solar panels as the cells are much less visible.

Module SPR-X21-350-BLK SPR-X21-335-BLK
Nominal Power 350W 335W
Efficiency 21.5% 20.6%
Cell Type Monocrystalline
Weight 19kg

SunPower E-Series: E20-327 DC

E-Series solar panels won't deliver your home with as much energy over 25 years as Maxeon solar panels but still around 20% more than conventional panels. Their design allows them to work efficiently even in low light, high temperatures and cloudy conditions.

Module SPR-E20-327 SPR-E19-320
Nominal Power 327W 320W
Efficiency 20.1% 19.6%
Cell Type Monocrystalline
Weight 18.6kg

SunPower E-Series: E19-320-BLK DC

The E-Series range is also available in a sleek black design if you want your solar panels to have a modern look.

Module SPR-E19-320-BLK SPR-E19-315-BLK
Nominal Power 320W 315W
Efficiency 19.6% 19.3%
Cell Type Monocrystalline
Weight 18.6kg

SunPower Maxeon Warranty

SunPower Maxeon solar panels are covered by a 25 year warranty and are guaranteed to still be 98% efficient at the end of the first year. Every year after, they will only lose 0.25% efficiency per year for 24 years – putting the efficiency in the final year of the warranty at 92%.

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