York City is considering solar electicity

A solar scheme which is set to see more than 1,000 council tenants in York benefit from solar electricity is being discussed.

The City of York Council is planning to embark on a 25-year partnership with Community Energy Solutions, who are based in Yorkshire, to provide local properties with solar panel installations. The local authority’s ambition is to cut about £108 a year off resident’s bills.

The £7 million project, if successful, will make use of the Government’s Feed-In Tariff and could also reduce York's CO2 emissions by 872 tonnes a year. It will also create new jobs.

Estimates suggest that, over the course of the deal, it could take £2.71 million off the total cost of electricity for council tenants in the city.

It would also include a profit-share initiative, with about £35,000 a year being invested into a social enterprise company to fund environmental schemes in York. The ownership and maintenance costs of the solar panels would transfer to the council after 25 years.

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