Solar PV Panel Costs

It's been much reported that solar panels are not the most cost effective electricity provider for your home. However, there are various factors that determine how you look at the efficiency of installing solar panels on your property.

The Energy Saving Trust gives a rough guide to the cost of investing in solar PV panels. It claims you're looking at paying between £8,000 and £14,000 for the price of the panels and the installation dependent on the size of the panels, the quantity you have and which type you opt for.

And there are points to keep in mind when purchasing PV panels.

Factors Worth Considering

Firstly, the more electricity the system can generate the better your savings will be. So it's incredibly important you find the most efficient location for instalment and choose which size is most suitable for your home.

Also, the style of the panel will vary the price of installation. Panels that fit flush into the roof of your property are more expensive than those mounted onto the roof.

But there is considerable evidence that having solar panels installed into your home will increase the value of your property, so whatever costs are inflicted by having solar panels fitted can be recuperated in the sale of a home.

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What are the Saving Benefits?

Saving benefits are twofold as solar panel installation will not only reduce the cost of bills but it will also rapidly reduce your CO2 output.

According to the Energy Saving Trust you can be looking at saving almost a tonne of CO2 a year from being emitted from your home.

And the energy experts also claim savings of up to £200 annually on electricity bills with a standard 2kWp system being capable of providing around 40 per cent of a household's yearly electricity needs.

Additional Costs

When receiving quotes from installers there are some additional costs that may not be included in the figure they give. So it is worth asking if the quote includes the cost of scaffolding and removal of the existing roof. You will also need to pay a connection agreement fee with the Distribution Network Operator (DNO) so inquire whether this is included in the cost along with AC connection work which requires a qualified electrician.

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