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Finding a reputable solar PV installer can be tricky business, luckily there are certain marks of quality to look out for to ensure you get only the best.

Use an MCS certified installer

Choosing an installer certified under the Micro-generation Certification Scheme (MCS) is a tactic recommended by the Energy Saving Trust and for good reason! To obtain this certification installers and the products they use must meet a set of standards. This means you can think of an MCS certification as a mark of quality, giving you peace of mind when hiring a firm or individual.

Being certified by other independent bodies and signed up to an industry code of practice are also signs of a quality firm to look out for alongside MCS.

Read customer reviews

There's no better way to find out what working with a company is really like than reading reviews!  Things to look out for are how reliable and professional a firm was alongside the obvious things like value for money. You can find reviews left by past customers on our installer pages.

Compare installer quotes

It's highly advised that you get several quotes from numerous reputable firms to get an idea of price. Each quote should include a detailed breakdown of the specification of the cost of the system they suggest, how they’ve calculated the size, cost and the type of system best suited for your property as well as an estimate of how much electricity will be produced.

Solar Guide regularly checks the ratings and reviews of installers we work with and only puts you in touch with MCS certified (or equivalent) certified firms. Get free, no obligation quotes to compare today using our simple online application.

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