Solar power attracts council investment

Nottingham City Council has announced its decision to go green.

Council buildings across Nottingham are to receive solar panels in a bid to boost the local authority’s green credentials. An estimated 340 panels will be installed on both the roof of the Nottingham City Council headquarters and that of the council-owned heating company EnviroEnergy. The transition to solar will take place over the next couple of years, with installation expected in March 2011.

A total of 160 photovoltaic panels are to be placed onto the roof of the council’s headquarters, based in Station Street, with a further 180 panels designated to the roof of EnviroEnergy, in London Road.

According to EnviroEnergy the panels will cost between £80,000 and £100,000, but could produce up to 17,000 kilowatts of energy. The technology will not only be used to provide renewable energy for heat and lighting for the public sector buildings, it is also hoped to be used as an eco-friendly source of power for the council’s two electric vehicles.

The ambitious plans were announced by Councillor Katrina Bull, portfolio holder for Environment and Climate Change at Nottingham City. She explained that the council is using the initiative to help meet its own targets for cutting the size of its carbon footprint.

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