What is a Solar Array?

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A solar array is a group of connected solar modules intended to collect and convert sunlight into energy. These arrays can be made up of either photovoltaic modules (for generating electricity) or solar thermal modules (for heating water).

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How Many Modules are in a Solar Array?

A solar array can be made up of any number of solar modules. A module refers to a single panel and the number in your system will depend on a range of factors including:

  • The amount of energy you want to generate.
  • The expanse of clean roof space you have available for an array to be installed.
  • The efficiency of the modules used (how much energy they can produce).

Since solar arrays are made up of individual modules, there is a great deal of flexibility in how they can be arranged. A solar installer will be able to conduct a roof analysis to determine how a solar array should be fitted to be as effective as possible.

If you want to know how many panels your array might contain, you can use a solar calculator to get an estimate. This will tell you roughly the number of panels you could fit (based on entering the amount of clear space on your roof) and how much energy they could generate.

Where can a Solar Array be Installed?

Typically you will see solar arrays on roofs and ground mounted systems, both in small scale residential projects and larger commercial ones. As technology develops and more emphasis is put on the use of renewable energy, we are seeing plenty of unusual and inventive uses of solar arrays too. Boats, bike paths and planes are just some of the unexpected places where solar has been successfully utilised in recent years.

What are the Advantages of Installing a Solar Array?

There are plenty of great benefits to installing a solar array in your home:

  • Generating your own electricity or hot water means using less or even no energy from the grid - massively reducing your bills. This also helps to protect you against any rise in energy prices.
  • By using clean, renewable energy from sources like solar you can massively reduce your carbon emissions.

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