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Which Smart Export Guarantee offers solar panel owners the highest potential earnings for exported power? We've compared the latest solar export tariffs on offer here so you can find the best deal for your home.

Please note: While we will be updating this table regularly, suppliers may alter their solar export tariff at any time so you should always confirm the exact rates, terms and conditions with your chosen supplier before committing.

Position Supplier Tariff Name Tariff Type (fixed, currently fixed or variable rate) Tariff Length Tariff Rate (per kWh) Payment Cycle Includes Battery Storage? Requirement to be on the supplier’s import tariff?
1 Social Energy Smarter Export Currently Fixed No Fixed End Date 5.6p 3 months Yes (must be SE battery) Yes
2 Bulb Energy Export Payments (Exclusive Rate) Fixed No Fixed End Date 5.57p (3p standard rate) 6 months Yes No
3 Octopus Energy Outgoing Fixed or Outgoing Agile Fixed or Variable 12-month fixed term Fixed 5.5p, Variable is pegged to half-hourly wholesale rate Monthly Yes Yes
- E.ON Energy Fix & Export Exclusive Fixed 12-month fixed term 5.5p Unknown Unknown Unknown
4 OVO Energy OVO SEG Tariff Fixed 12-month fixed term 4.0p 3 months Case by case basis No
- ScottishPower Smart Export Variable Tariff Variable No Fixed End Date 4.0p 6 months Unknown No
5 SSE Smart Export Tariff Variable No Fixed End Date 3.5p 12 months Case by case basis Yes
- EDF Energy Export+Earn Fixed 12-month fixed term 3.5p 3 months No No
- Shell Energy SEG V1 Tariff Variable No Fixed End Date 3.5p 12 months No No
6 British Gas Export & Earn Flex Variable No Fixed End Date 3.2p 6 months Yes No
7 E.ON Energy Fix & Export Fixed 12-month fixed term 3.0p Unknown Unknown Unknown
- Utilita Smart Export Guarantee Unknown Unknown 3.0p Unknown Unknown Unknown
8 Utility Warehouse UW Smart Export Guarantee Standard variable No Fixed End Date 2p Unknown Unknown Unknown
9 Green Network Energy SEG Tariff Currently Fixed No Fixed End Date 1.0p Quarterly No No

To apply for one of the Smart Export Guarantee tariffs, contact your preferred energy supplier directly as soon as your solar panels have been installed.

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Smart Export Guarantee Tariffs Explained

The Smart Export Guarantee is a scheme introduced by the government to enable owners of certain renewable energy technologies to earn an income by selling their excess electricity to the National Grid. Solar PV panels which are accredited by MCS, Flexi-orb or an equivalent scheme are eligible for the Smart Export Guarantee. The solar PV system you install needs to include a smart meter which is capable of tracking how much electricity is being exported every 30 minutes.

The scheme legally requires energy suppliers with more than 150,000 customers to pay owners of solar PV panels for electricity they contribute to the National Grid. This means that you can receive payments for any solar generated electricity you don't use (or store) at home.

How much you receive, however, will vary depending on which SEG licensed energy supplier's solar export tariff you choose. The government has said that energy suppliers must offer more than 0p per kWh at all times in order to encourage competitive rates. Your SEG licensee does not need to be the same company which supplies your electricity, so you have the option to shop around for the best deal.

Fixed or Variable?

At the moment most SEG tariffs are fixed price meaning that the price you receive per kWh will not change no matter what happens to the wholesale price of electricity or the time of day your electricity is exported. Fixed means that the price is set for a specific contract length while ‘currently fixed’ means the price may change.

However, the intention is that more and more tariffs will become ‘smart’ and variable. With a smart tariff you could, for example, receive a higher price for electricity you export during times of peak demand. Prices could vary on a half-hourly basis while some tariffs may offer a different rate depending on whether you export at night or during the day. Octopus Agile tariff is pegged to the wholesale rate so will fluctuate accordingly.

Payment cycles

If you would like to be paid for your exported electricity regularly, you should choose a tariff with a monthly or quarterly payment cycle rather than those which pay out every 6 or 12 months.

Battery storage included?

Some people choose to include a solar storage battery in their solar PV system to store their surplus solar electricity rather than export it. If they want the option to be able to sell this stored electricity they need to choose an SEG licensee which will accept it.

What happened to the FiT scheme?

You may have heard of the FiT scheme which paid solar panel owners for electricity generated and exported. The FiT scheme closed in March 2019 because uptake had been much higher than anticipated. Anyone already registered will continue to receive their FiT payments for the full 20-25 year term; the Smart Export Guarantee takes the place of the Feed-in Tariff (FiT) for new solar panel owners. However, if you already have solar panels and are receiving Feed-in Tariff (FiT) payments, you have the option to switch to the Smart Export Guarantee. Find out how the SEG compares to FiT.

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