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Installing solar panels on your roof is therefore a great way to both reduce your carbon footprint and your energy bills as you won’t need to buy as much from your supplier. The drawback of solar panels is that this free electricity is only available to use during the day when the sun is shining and many people use the majority of their energy after the sun has set. If you don’t use all of the electricity generated by your panels during the day, it will be exported to the National Grid.

That is, of course, unless you have a solar battery. A solar battery will store excess energy during the day so you can make use of it at night, further reducing your energy bills and carbon footprint. There are many manufacturers of solar batteries, including the UK based Puredrive, a company specialising energy storage for both the residential and commercial markets.

What is the Pure Storage Residential Battery?

The PureStorage Residential system from Puredrive is a 4.8Kwh LiFePo4 solar battery which enables you to store the excess electricity produced by your solar panels during the day. You can then use this electricity at night when your solar panels are not generating, increasing your independence from the grid and reducing how much energy you need to buy from your supplier.

Puredrive claim that the PureStorage battery can enable to your use between 30% to over 85% more of the energy generated by your solar panels. The PureStorage battery can also provide you with back-up power in the event of a power outage which many solar batteries cannot.

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Puredrive’s PureStorage Residential Battery Specification

Battery (LiFePo4 48v 100Ah)
Capacity 4.8 kWh
Cycles 6,000
Max Charge Voltage 58.4V
Discharge Cutoff Voltage 40V
Max Charge Current 70A
Continuous Discharge Current 150A
Max Discharge Current 200A (3 secs)
Operating Temperature (Discharging) Minus 20-60 °C (Minus 4-149 °F)
Dimensions (w x h x d) 740 x 740 x 310 mm
Inverter / Charger
Rated output power 3000 / 5000 VA
Maximum Output Power (3 sec) 6000 VA
Maximum Charge 35 / 75A
AC Voltage/Frequency (input & output) 187 to 266 Vac / 50Hz, 45 to 60 Hz
Nominal AC output current 16A
Energy consumption priorities PV/Battery/Grid
Max efficiency 95% inverter
Operating mode Smart grid / Back up / UPS / On grid
Conditions of use Humidity level: 0 to 90% without condensation T°C : -20 to + 50°C, degressive power
>40°C (15W/°C)

Puredrive also offer a Commercial Solar Battery Storage system which is a Lithium battery designed to suit both indoor and outdoor commercial environments. It can connect directly to a business’s internal electrical wiring distribution system and is compatible with any size solar PV system.

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Why consider a Puredrive battery?

Grid energy prices are predicted to rise by as much as 37% by 2022. Investing in a solar battery will minimise your reliance on this energy to keep your energy bills as low as possible.

The PureStorage battery is a Hi-Rate 4.8Kwh LiFePo4 battery which will maximise your solar energy and carbon savings. Pure Storage can increase your utilisation of your generated power from 30% up to over 85%, reducing the need to buy energy from the grid.

While any solar battery will maximise your solar use to some extent, there are plenty of other features and benefits which make the PureStorage battery a great choice for your home.

Uninterruptible AC Power Supply or UPS

In many cases, a solar battery will not be able to provide you with back-up power in the event of a power cut. This is because it is designed to automatically shut down so no electricity is passed to the grid where workers could be electrocuted. The PureStorage, however, has been designed with safety features which mean it can continue to provide you with power during an outage. When it detects a power outage it will automatically island itself from the grid when and the inverter which will automatically take over the supply to the AC Output connected loads. This happens so fast (less than 20 milliseconds) that electronic equipment such as computers will continue to operate without disruption.

Smart Control and Monitoring

The PureStorage system can be connected to the internet so you can control and monitor your solar storage from wherever you are in the world. You can access this using an app or a secure portal website from any internet connected device.

Outdoor Installation

The PureStorage battery comes with an optional weatherproof enclosure which means you can install the battery outside the home if preferred.

10 Year Warranty

The PureStorage comes with a warranty at 6000 cycles with least 10 years usage.

British Design and Manufacture

Puredrive is proud to be a British company and the PureStorage battery is designed and manufactured right here in the UK.


This prevents the overload of a limited AC source by firstly automatically reducing the charge and then boosting the output with energy from the battery.

About Puredrive

Puredrive is a British company with over 10 years of expertise and experience in the design, development and installation of energy storage technology. This includes experience in both lead acid batteries and Lithium Ion batteries. Puredrive manufactures its products in the UK ensuring a simple and efficient delivery and installation process for UK customers but also has a strong presence in the overseas solar market.

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