Proposals are to be put forward to build a 22,000 panel solar park in Somerset

North Somerset Council is expected to received plans by Enfinity to build a large scale solar park.

The plans by Enfinity, the UK branch of the international solar park developer, are part of a series of intended projects to build solar parks across the country.

Enfinity wants to build the first of these solar parks on land at South Hill Farm, in Bleadon, Somerset.

If approved, the five MW plant could see up to 22,000 solar panels installed on as much as 25 acres of land.

The panels will be sited between one metre to three metres above the ground and measure one metre by 1.65 metres in size, in 67 rows and mounted on metal frames.

It is estimated that the park will take two months to build and could be fully operational by 2012. The output has been predicted to be around 4.5 million KW of energy per year.

Enfinity is said to be currently discussing the plans with North Somerset Council to see if an Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA) is needed before the proposals for the development are submitted.

This is the second solar energy park being planned for north Somerset.

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