One in five homeowners want solar panels fitted

Are you thinking about installing solar panels? Well you’re not alone. According to a recent survey, more than one in five UK property owners are interested in fitting solar panels on their roofs, and many think it will make their home more saleable. 

A poll conducted for Ocean Finance has shed some light on the public perception of solar energy and solar panels. While 21% revealed they wanted to install a solar PV system on their homes, some 6.4% of those who look part in the survey said they already have solar panels fitted, and 3.6% said they were planning to get a system installed at some stage.

Location was found to be a contributing factor too. According to the poll, solar energy seems to be popular with Londoners, with property owners in the capital twice as likely to invest in solar panels than homeowners elsewhere in the country. Some 15% of property owners polled in London already have solar panels installed – that’s almost double that of the second most popular region, East Anglia, with 8% of homeowners already having invested in solar energy.

Many property owners appear to be unsure as to whether their roofs are suitable for a solar panel installation. Some 13% said they didn’t think they had the right roof for solar panels, with 6% of homeowners apparently unable to secure planning permission. Half of all those who took part in the survey said they had no interest in solar panels whatsoever.

Of those people who expressed no interest in solar, 35% said the cost to install the technology put them off. However, solar PV panels are no longer the expensive technology they once were. So how much does it cost to install solar PV panels? Prices are now 70% cheaper than they were four years ago. Domestic households can install a 2kWp from as little as £3,800 and £5,900 for the largest 4kWp solar array.

Popular reasons cited for a lack of interest in the technology include a lack of sunlight (20%) and uncertainty over returns on investment (19%). Some 14% said they didn’t want solar panels because they would look ugly on their roof.

Commenting on the results of their survey, Ocean Finance spokesman Ian Williams said:

“Solar panels remain a dividing subject among homeowners in the UK, but one in five appear to be interested in installing the technology and generating some of their own power. Once the installation is complete, not only will properties be able to generate some of their own power, but homeowners could also see a reduction in their energy bills.”

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