Nissan and Eaton announce creation of energy storage system

Automotive giant Nissan has announced its partnership with power management company Eaton to bring a cost-competitive energy storage model to the market.

The collaboration was announced on 8 December 2015, during the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change (COP21) and comes as part of Nissan's goal to pave the way for a zero emissions future.

Nissan have expressed that they want to offer 'an affordable, long-term method for harnessing clean energy'. With battery storage set to play a huge role in the future of solar PV, it is hoped that these systems will help to facilitate the deployment of solar and enable more households to become dependent of the grid and other non-renewable energy sources.

Cyrille Brisson, Vice President Marketing, Eaton Electrical EMEA further explained the goals and benefits of their development: "These systems will really facilitate the wider adoption and deployment of renewable generation; giving people greater control over their energy supply and consumption.

"The wide-ranging benefits of such a unit include continuity of supply, increased grid stability and efficiency, avoidance of peak energy tariffs and a reduction in the reliance on expensive fuels like diesel to compensate for no-grid or poor-grid situations."

The storage systems will be developed using Nissan's lithium-ion batteries, effectively giving them a 'second life' after their automotive use. The first module to be deployed will combine Nissan's LEAF batteries, Eaton's uninterruptable power supply (UPS) technology and solar PV to create a standalone energy storage and control unit. This should allow households to manage their energy supply and consumption, whether they are connected to the grid or not.

Nissan and Eaton have already successfully demonstrated the power of their system - showcasing it in a Paris house, near to the location of the COP21 conference. Whilst there is no current release date for the system, Robert Lujan, Electric Vehicle Director, Nissan Global has stated that the partnership is "the first step in delivering a real world system for our customers in the near future."

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