How Do I Apply for a Feed-in-tariff

Important notice about this article: Please note that the Feed-in Tariff (FiT) scheme closed to new applications on March 31st 2019. As of 1st January 2020 solar panel owners can apply to the Smart Export Guarantee scheme to receive payments for solar energy exported to the National Grid. Click here for more information.


If solar PV seems like a serious option for you, here's Solar Guide's easy guide of how to go about estimating the cost and financial benefits specifically for you, how to find a reputable installer who can provide an MCS certified service and MCS certified products and how to go about applying for a Feed-in Tariff for solar.

    1. Use Solar Guide's Solar PV Feed-In Tariff Calculator to get an idea of the financial costs of a solar PV installation and also the payback time and the profit margin for the 20 years of the FiT rate. It's a completely free-of-charge service and gives you an unbiased and realistic idea of what benefits solar PV can have for you.

Using our solar calculator is even more important following the recent feed in tariff cuts made by the government.
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    1. If solar PV is a serious consideration, it's time to get a quote. Solar Guide has only MCS certified installers, so you are assured that all of the quotes you receive through Solar Guide's service will make you eligible for the electricity Feed-In Tariff. All you need to do is enter your details and for no fee Solar Guide will locate up to three reputable MCS certified installers in your vicinity who will then contact you about arranging to visit for a quote.

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  1. Once you've decided on the best deal for you, go ahead with the installation. Ensure that the products sold to you are MCS certified to qualify you for the Feed-In Tariff.
  2. Once the installation is completed, you then need to notify your chosen energy supplier and present them with a Feed-In Tariff eligibility certificate which will be provided to you by your installer when the work is finished. The supplier will then cross-reference your installation with the central FIT database and when cleared payments will begin to be paid to you at intervals decided between you and the supplier.

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