Florida Firm Putting the Swing Into Solar Powered Golf Carts

A golf and country club in Central Florida is getting into the swing of solar power by providing members with solar powered golf carts.

Rather than plugging their golf carts into electrical outlets night after night, the Citrus Hills Golf & Country Club uses golf carts which run on solar power. Charging the carts overnight once a week provides enough power to operate the carts for daily use.

Florida-based Gulf City Solar installed its thinfilm solar panels and power management systems on the golf club's fleet of 125 golf carts, resulting in considerable savings on the club’s electricity bills. With the sun charging the batteries whilst the carts are out on the golf course, reliability is heightened, meaning a virtual end to stranded carts.

"Solar is now a mature technology for golf carts and other slow-moving electrical vehicles,” said William Heckenstaller, the brains behind the technology and one of the company’s partners.

The solar power kits have been tested by other clubs in the region, who seemed impressed with their performance and reliability.

Gulf City Solar develops and sells ultra-light and ultra-portable solar products that are designed for ease of use.

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