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Established in 2014, Viridian solar is a solar panel manufacturer based in the UK and has become a market leader in integrated solar PV systems.

Viridian Solar launched the Clearline Fusion range of solar panels in 2015, a competitively priced solar PV range that are fitted within the roof itself, rather than on top, for a sleek modern installation.

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Roof Integrated Solar PV Panels

Viridian Solar specialises in solar PV panels that can be integrated into the roof, replacing the slate or tiles. This means that the panels sit within the roof itself rather than being installed on top for more appealing aesthetics.

Clearline Fusion

Clearline Fusion is Viridian Solar's range of roof-integrated solar PV panels and are available in 3 different power outputs: 270 Watts, 280W, 300W.

The power you need your solar panels to generate will depend on the demand for energy in your home – a fully-qualified solar installer will be able to offer guidance on finding the right solar panels for you.

Clearline Fusion PV16
Height x Width x Depth (mm) 1,640 x 992 x 69
Weight (kg) 21
Number of Cells 60
Power Warranty 90% after 10 years80% after 25 years

The range includes both polycrystalline and monocrystalline panels, with the polycrystalline modules giving you the option of black or white backing.

PV16 Model 270Wp 280Wp 300Wp
Power Output (Wp) 270 280 300
Module Efficiency 17.3% 17.9% 19.2%
Maximum Power Voltage 31.2 31.6 32.5
Cell Type Polycrystalline Monocrystalline Monocrystalline

What are the benefits of Viridian Solar panels?

The biggest benefit that Clearline Fusion solar systems have over competitor solar panels is the quick installation time but they have much more to offer too:

  • Weather-tight installation
  • Compact panels don't take up much space on the roof
  • Hidden clamps increase the aesthetic appeal
  • Can be installed onto slate or tile roofs
  • Wind resistant (4x more than competitors)
  • Quick installation time of less than 1 hour per panel

How much do Clearline Fusion panels cost?

Viridian Solar modules are competitively priced with prices varying depending on the output needed for your property. In addition to the modules you'll also need a flashing kit and brackets for the installation.

Model 270Wp 280Wp 300Wp
Potential Cost £100 – £170 £165 – £200 £204 – £245

As well as the panels, you'll also need a roofing kit to securely fit them within the roof. Viridian Solar have made a number of kits available that allow you to have a solar array of any size installed in portrait or landscape.

These kits allow the solar PV system to be extended to include as many columns and rows as the space on your roof will allow.

Name of Kit Description Potential Cost
F16-TL Bottom-left flashing kit (portrait) £100
F16-TC Mid-bottom flashing kit (portrait) £100
F16-TR Bottom-right flashing kit (portrait) £100
F16-TY Start a row above (portrait) £57
F16-J Add panel to row above (portrait) £45
VAT-16 Flashing for single panel (portrait) £116
F16-LL Bottom-left flashing kit (landscape) £101
F16-LC Mid-bottom flashing kit (landscape) £101
F16-LR Bottom-right flashing kit (landscape) £101
F16-LY Flashing to add row above (landscape) £51
F16-LJ Add panel to row above (landscape) £42
VAL16 Flashing for single panel (landscape) £123

As well as the flashing kit to go around the panels, a bracket kit is needed too. A single bracket kit can cost between £3 and £9.

On top of the panels and all the installation kits, you'll also need to hire a professional solar installer to carry out the installation. To keep the costs to an absolute minimum we highly recommend comparing quotes from multiple installers.

By taking a few moments to complete our simple online form, you can get free quotes from up to 3 solar panel installers based near you. Once you have the quotes, you can compare them and be confident that you're getting the most competitive price.

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