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Prime Hybrid Energy
Prime Hybrid Energy solar products seek to deliver 'net grid neutrality' by minimising any potential energy losses so that your home is made as environmentally-friendly as possible.

Their Prime Hybrid Inverter includes a solar inverter and solar battery that ensures your solar system is using the energy in the most efficient manner.

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Prime Hybrid Inverter

Typically, a solar inverter will convert the DC current generated by solar PV panels into AC so that it can be used around the home. The Prime Hybrid Inverter does that but also includes a solar battery that can store excess energy for use when the panels aren't generating energy.

The intuitive design means that the inverter will know whether to store, consume, or rely on energy from your energy supplier depending on which is the most cost-effective at the time.

It charges quickly and is user friendly, giving the owner complete control and visibility through an online portal.

Prime Hybrid Inverter

When paired with a smart meter, the Hybrid Inverter knows when your peak and off-peak energy usage times are to ensure that you're getting the most out of your solar panels.

Model HY3.6-20-001
Max DC Power 3,800 W
Max DC Voltage 600V
Nominal DC Voltage 360V
PV Voltage Range 100 – 600V
Nominal AC Power Output 3,600 W
Nominal AC Voltage 220V / 230V / 240V
Output Rate Power 3,000VA
Maximum Efficiency 97%
Dimensions 495 x 420 x 165mm
Weight 24kg
Warranty 10 Years

Solar Battery

As a modular solar battery, this unit has been designed so that up to 4 units can be stacked together to maximise storage. The below specifications look at a single module, which has the capacity of 2.5 kWh, having 4 would increase storage to 10 kWh.

Model Modular 2.5kWh LiFePO4
Capacity 2.5 kWh
Technology Lithium-ion
Operating Temperature -20°C to 55°C
Voltage 51.2V
Depth of Discharge 80%
Dimensions 595 x 290 x 182mm
Weight 33kg
Warranty 10 Years

Prime Hybrid Inverter Energy Modes

This energy storage system can be placed into 4 different modes to suit the electricity demands at a certain time:

Daytime Mode

Stores excess energy generated by the solar panels, helping to reduce reliance on the energy supplier.

Night Time Mode

A mode that discharges the battery so that it can recharge using cheaper off-peak energy tariffs. Alternatively, the system can wait until the solar panels are generating energy again during the day.

Island Mode (Emergency Back Up)

In Island Mode, the Prime Energy System can run as a stand alone system. Plus, in the event of a power outage, there is an emergency backup power system, designed for operation independent of grid output.

Demand Side Response

Allows energy suppliers to collect remote data to give them an indication of when there's likely to be a demand for energy.

Prime Hybrid Smart Monitoring Portal

With the Smart Monitoring Portal, you're given complete visibility of how your Prime Hybrid Inverter is performing, with updates every 5 minutes. Through the portal you can:

  • Control the system from wherever you are
  • Monitor imported and exported electricity
  • View PV generation

How Much Does the Prime Hybrid Inverter Cost?

To find out how much adding a Prime Hybrid Inverter to you solar system will cost, you will need to contact Prime Hybrid Energy for a quote.

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