Blend In With Coloured Solar Panels

different colour options for solar panels in 2017Whilst there are a whole host of reasons to install solar panels many people are put off by one factor - how they look. With this in mind, more companies are considering the design of their panels and this has led to the introduction of coloured solar panels.

Designed to blend in with the colour of your roof (or stand out in some cases) the panels function in the same way as traditional modules but are a more aesthetically pleasing alternative. For example, black solar panels are becoming more and more popular as they can look quite stylish on certain styles of roof – but there are many different solar panel colours to choose from.

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Are white solar panels less efficient?

White solar panels can be slightly less efficient than traditional black or blue modules. This variance can also differ between individual colours - with lighter colours in general proving less effective than darker ones. Solar panels work by absorbing light from the sun and converting this energy into electricity. Since darker modules reflect less light, they are generally more efficient.

But regardless of the colour of your solar panels, the difference in efficiency between standard panels and coloured panels is not overly large. According to YouGen, coloured solar panels will generally only produce 20-40W less energy than a black or blue panel - dropping from 265W for a standard panel to 230W-245W for a coloured version. This is great news for anyone wanting to opt for coloured panels as they still generate a good amount of energy in comparison.

Why do people use coloured solar panels?

The main reason for using different colour solar panels is to make an installation blend with the roof it is mounted on. This means browns, reds and greys are a popular choice although more vibrant colours like pink and green also exist in the market. Whilst coloured solar panels are not widely encountered in the UK yet, they have taken off in America and parts of Europe where coloured roof tiles are more commonly seen.

Do coloured solar panels cost more?

Yes, coloured solar panels can vary in price but are a more costly option than standard black or blue panels. The cost is also dependant on the type of colour you choose, with single colour options being cheaper than the multiple and marbled colour designs.

At this point in time, if the colour of your solar panels is not a massively important factor, going with traditional panels is both cheaper and slightly more efficient. It is also worth noting that the majority of solar installers here in the UK don't supply coloured panels for residential properties at this time, so they may be harder to find or more costly to purchase from another location.

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