AGA goes solar

AGA owners will now be able to benefit from solar electric and solar hot water as part of a new home energy management product range.

AGA is adopting the use of solar technology to provide either electricity or hot water in its customers homes, which the company claims is one of the fastest growing areas of home improvement.

AGA recognises the benefits of solar technology for its customers who will be able to reduce their carbon footprint as well as taking part in the Government’s Feed-in Tariff (for solar PV) and the eagerly awaited Renewable Heat Incentive (for solar thermal).

As one of the UK's best loved brands, AGA have teamed up with some of the country's leading suppliers in the field of solar energy to assist customers with installations.

Solar thermal can deliver up to 65 per cent of people’s domestic hot water needs, and solar PV panels offer guaranteed returns of up to 10 per cent on a typical installation.

To find out more, visit AGA’s home energy management website at

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