Tesco puts solar panel plans on hold

Tesco has postponed its solar panel installation plans following the Government’s review of the Feed-In Tariff.

The website Building.co.uk has reported that the supermarket Tesco has decided to put its plans for solar panel installations on hold and the decision could have been made in light of the Feed-In Tariff (FIT) review.

According to the site, uncertainty of the renewables industry may have led the giant retailer to reconsider its plans. Tesco was looking to install 1MW solar PV arrays on its distribution centres nationwide.

The solar panels would have been installed by March 2012 if the plans had been commissioned, a source told the site.

A spokesperson for Tesco told Building.co.uk: “We are still in the decision making process as to whether we will install solar panels at our distribution centres.”

Tesco is not the only supermarket to be attracted to the UK’s solar market. Earlier this month Sainsbury’s launched its own solar panels as part of a deal with British Gas.

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