Survey Finds Homebuyers Want Properties with Solar PV

A new survey by Censuswide (on behalf of E.On) has revealed that 89% of homebuyers are more interested in properties with low carbon and renewable technology than properties with other desirable features such as a garden (80%) and an en-suite bathroom (50%).

In addition, the survey also found that when looking for features which would minimise energy costs, 47% would choose solar PV panels and 37% would choose an intelligent heating system. When asked which features they would be most likely to invest in for a new property, 38% said they would install solar PV panels.

The COVID19 pandemic lockdown and the government's instructions to work from where possible has meant that more people are looking at ways to make their household cheaper to run and their lifestyles more sustainable. The survey found that 49% of prospective buyers believe that spending more time at home during lockdown has resulted in them considering buying a home that is more sustainable, with 65% of respondents giving the motivation of keeping energy bills low (particularly as energy bills increased by an average of 37% over lockdown) and 52% wanting to reduce their impact on the planet.

The findings support research which was released by in August 2020 which found that solar PV can boost the value of a UK property by an average of £32,459, with the biggest impact found in the UK's largest cities.

Solar panels add value to a property as they offer the residents cheaper energy bills and the ability to earn money by selling surplus electricity to the grid through the Smart Export Guarantee.

Why install solar panels on your property?

  • Solar panels will save you money on your electricity bills as you will be generating your own electricity
  • Solar panels do not emit carbon emissions and reduce your reliance on electricity produced by burning fossil fuels
  • Solar panels are powered by the sun which is a source of renewable energy, i.e. it is not going to run out
  • Solar panels do not make any noise when operating
  • Solar panels last for at least 20-25 years so are a great investment
  • Solar panels are low maintenance as they only require occasional cleaning and once they are installed they will work automatically with no homeowner intervention.
  • When combined with a battery, you can store solar electricity generated during the day for use at night or on cloudy days.
  • You can earn money by selling surplus electricity to the grid via the Smart Export Guarantee.
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