Npower installs solar panels at power stations

The energy company has installed solar PV panels at eight of its power plants across the UK in accordance with the company's ongoing commitment to reduce its carbon emissions

Some 200 PV panels have been installed at each site by the company generating a total of 50kW of electricity respectively. The installations will help the company to reduce its carbon emissions by 38 percent by 2014 and will allow the company to generate electricity during daylight hours with any unused electricity exported back to the grid.

One of the company's offices, Birch House in Oldbury, West Midlands, has already experienced a 16 percent reduction in power used from the grid compared to last year. The installations are part of the company's commitment to energy saving alongside the installation of energy efficient air conditioning, motion sensor lighting and new recycling facilities.

"npower is committed to reducing the environmental impact and carbon footprint of our sites" said Dave Horton, property sustainability and capital investment manager from npower. "This project is designed to help us meet these aims. It is great to see the significant results achieved already at Birch House and across our other sites."

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