Microgeneration industry calls for Cameron to fulfil “Greenest Government Ever” pledge

The Micropower Council released it's 'end of term' report last week with a plea to Prime Minister David Cameron to stand by his word to make this "the Greenest Government Ever".

Dave Sowden, Micropower Council Chief Executive

Government indecision is costing people jobs and losing the UK Microgeneration sector investment according to the report. The Micropower Council said the Treasury has been blocking the attempts of Energy and Climate Change Ministers Chris Huhne and Greg Barker to introduce new grants including the Renewable Heat Incentive that will work like the Feed-in Tariff for solar PV electricity as an incentive for UK homeowners to install renewable heating and hot water.

Dave Sowden, Chief Executive of the Micropower Council, said: "Almost 130 Members of Parliament have called on the Government to confirm the introduction of the Renewable Heat Incentive for Microgeneration.

"Ministers in DECC [Department of Energy and Climate Change]   have been inundated with briefings (including at least one established company implementing 40% cuts in its salary bill) and urgent requests for clarity on this key policy before the industry starts to fall apart.

"Despite this, the Treasury's iron shutters remain down."

Sowden and the Micropower Council feel it is now the responsibility of the PM to force these changes, especially after his promises of making the nation greener before forming the coalition government.

"We now call on the Prime Minister himself to intervene personally to put a stop to this inter-departmental bickering and give Chris Huhne and Greg Barker the help they need in tackling Treasury and CLG[Communities and Local Government]", added Sowden.

"The Conservative Party was a staunch supporter of these two key policies when in opposition, and if they are not seen through without any further delay, "the Greenest Government Ever" will have ended its first Parliamentary term with a microgeneration industry in crisis."

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