Martin Lewis to back solar PV on BBC Radio2 today

Martin Lewis, the personal finance journalist and brains behind the Money Saving Expert website, is due to promote the benefits of solar PV electricity this afternoon when he features on the Jeremy Vine BBC Radio2 show.

Lewis will be appearing on Vine's afternoon show today at around 13:00GMT to talk about the benefits of switching to solar PV.

An avid supporter of solar, Lewis will discuss the financial benefits of installing solar panels to your home with the Feed-in Tariff (FIT) a key focus of the financial advantages along with reduced energy bills.

As part of his argument in support of solar PV, Lewis will also talk about the widely available offers from green energy firms and energy suppliers that offer to provide your solar panels and installation for no cost and you repay the fee using the money received from the Feed-in Tariff and saved through reduced energy bills.

On his website, Lewis says: "You can benefit in two ways. First there're the electricity bill savings. The Energy Saving Trust estimates that typical solar panels can produce c.40% of a home’s leccy.

"This means a typical family could slash a dazzling £120-ish off their bills, depending on how much sun you get and your roof size. Of course, if electricity costs go up, you'll save even more.

"The other bonus is that a new government scheme pays c. £800/year for all the solar energy you produce, even if you use it yourself. Bizarrely, the cash from this scheme massively eclipses the electricity bill savings."

To listen to Martin Lewis, tune your radio to 88-91FM or listen live on the BBC Radio2 website by clicking here.

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