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Synergy Power Ltd

We specialise in

  • Domestic and Business
  • Solar PV (Electricity)

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About Synergy Power Ltd

Fully Accredited Solar PV installer. Helping to Energize Businesses & home's Across the Nation.

Only High Efficiency Systems Prescribed to ensure maximum levels of customer satisfaction. Mainly German & Italian Manufactured Products are used on our installations.

Commercial PV at virtually no cost - Via Siemens / Carbon Trust Scheme. We Have helped Farms & Businesses to Reduce their Energy overheads & insulate themselves against a cost that is always on the rise - Business owners get in touch today & we will talk you through on how you can reduce your Energy Bills with no upfront Investment.

Phone Icon Call Synergy Power Ltd on - Tel: 02476 158411 | Mob: 0800 6 906020

Location Icon Synergy Power Ltd, The Technocentre, Coventry University Technology Park. Puma Way, Coventry, West Midlands, CV1 2TT


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  • Risen Energy Co. Ltd
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Featured Works

  • Commercial 10.0 KWP Install

    Commercial 10.0 kwp install completed in december 2012 - 40 * 250w black panel system - funded by siemens finance & appraised by synergy power & the carbon trust. this business will now generate a benefit of £3'286 in year 1, that will eradicate over 70% of their electricity overhead. business owners get in touch with us & we will show you how it is possible to have a similar system on your roof with no upfront costs.


    Farm owners - sow the seed that keeps on giving 30.0 kwp solar pv system - completed november 2013. shropshire this farm owner is on track to earn a 17% return on their investment. investment security : electricity generation payments are index linked to rpi to ensure monies grow with real world value. govt backed & guaranteed for 20 years. can your bank or wealth manager match this income opportunity?? 17% roi?? make your money work as hard as you do. invest in solar pv.

  • Domestic 4.0 Kwp Install -Leicestershire-Bushby

    Domestic 4.0 kwp install -leicestershire-bushby a 16 * 250w black frame panels - installs are generally completed in one day with very little internal disruption to you. we take great care to ensure your home is offered the market leading technology.

  • 3.75 Kwp Install - Humberstone

    3.75 kwp install - humberstone 15 * 250w black frame panels - domestic. this property is achieving record amounts of electricity generation mainly due to the orientation being very favourable.

  • 3.0 Kwp Install - Melton Mownbray

    3.0 kwp install - melton mownbray 12 * 250w black frame pv panels. domestic

  • 4.0 KWP install -Sutton ColdField

    4.0 kwp install -sutton coldfield 16 * 250 pv panels domestic

  • Tree Topps Farm - Somerset - Prior to install

    Tree topps farm - somerset - prior to install horse barns at tree topps farm in somerset - prior to install commencing on a 8.0 kwp solar pv system

  • 8.0 KWP install - Completed - Tree Topps Farm

    8.0 kwp install - completed - tree topps farm a 8.0 kwp system using high efficiency mono panels - 18.2% cell efficiency- full black modules. customer very satisfied with electricity generation to date. estimated generation year 1 6'753.00 kwh - barn owners - get in touch today , we will guide you through the options which are open to you . pv with no upfront costs . completed july 2012.

  • 4.0 KWP install -Mountsorell - Leicestershire

    4.0 kwp install -mountsorell - leicestershire 16 * 250w high efficiency black panels on a slate tile roof - completed july 2012. customer was initially very concerned of the aesthetic implications of having modules on their roof - upon completion of the works the customer was extremely satisfied with these black modules & was content with they way the modules looked on the roof space.

  • 4.0 KWP install -Oakham - Leicestershire- March 2013

    4.0 kwp install -oakham - leicestershire- march 2013 4.0 kwp - install oakham - leicestershire using 250w high efficiency mono panels completed march 2013

  • 4.0 KWP install -IMMERSUN - Oakham- March 2013

    4.0 kwp install -immersun - oakham- march 2013 internal works - immersun unit fitted- please call us we will demonstrate how you can heat your water free from the un-used energy produced by your solar pv array. save ££££££ - on your gas bills too.

  • 4.0 KWP install -Mountsorell - Leicestershire-July 2012

    4.0 kwp install -mountsorell - leicestershire-july 2012 internal works - inverter - completed july 2012

  • 4.0 KWP- Gallium Modules -Huntingdon- Completed April 2013

    4.0 kwp- gallium modules -huntingdon- completed april 2013 customer choose the 8.33 gallium modules - they come with a market leading 90% output warranty over 25 years - insurance backed by zurich - performance that is married to good looks too! if you are thinking of installing a pv system - look these modules up - you will be impressed.

  • Huntingdon - Internal work-April 2013

    Huntingdon - internal work-april 2013 internal works - fronius inverter used. immersun unit also fitted.

  • 25.0 KWP - Poultry Farm - Warwicksire - Completed April 2013

    25.0 kwp - poultry farm - warwicksire - completed april 2013 carbon trust/ siemens funded 25.0 kwp funded solar pv project - kioto modules this poultry farm will generate a benefit of £7600 year 1 & over £220'000 over 20 years - with no upfront costs. farmers / barn owners get in touch today & we will show you how to realise projects of this nature.

  • 16.0 KWP - May 2013 -

    16.0 kwp - may 2013 - 16.0 kwp array on a factory unit - siemens funded project - factory/unit owners - you can tackle your electricity overhead that is always on the rise- by installing solar pv with no upfront or ongoing costs & the equipments belong to you from day one... get in touch for your free information pack

  • 16.0 KWP - May 2013 - Internal works

    16.0 kwp - may 2013 - internal works inverters for the pv array

  • 3.64 Kwp - Stockton

    3.64 kwp - stockton 14 * 260w mono modules - with a ground-breaking 21.1% cell efficiency. customers only wanted the array on their garage & not on the house roofs - a bespoke system was put in place to ensure all of the customers requirements were delivered - despite numerous challenges that had put three other installers off .

  • 2.86 kwp Coventry - June 2013

    2.86 kwp coventry - june 2013 customer was very keen on a high efficiency pv system - we had two problems here the roof tiles were ready for a complete replacement & also we were tasked with a limited roof area. solution 1 - we laid new roof tiles on front & rear roofs solution 2- we installed a 260w module with a 21.1% cell efficiency & solar-edge power optimisers behind each panel that will boost the energy harvest by 25% - result - a very happy customer.

  • 2.86 kwp Coventry - June 2013 - new roof tiles

    2.86 kwp coventry - june 2013 - new roof tiles new roof tiles supplied & fitted by us - we have years of experience in roofing - please get in touch for your free quote.

  • 11.52 KWP Pv System - Northants - Aug 2013

    11.52 kwp pv system - northants - aug 2013 another farm owner that has acquired a solar pv system that their farms owns from day one - the farm owner implemented this project with no upfront or on-going costs & the farm owner owns the fit's - please get in touch for your free consultation & we will help you realise your plans.

  • 11.52 KWP Pv System - - Aug 2013

    11.52 kwp pv system - - aug 2013 internal works - this set up was used to ensure the 11.52 kwp array achieves the best possible energy harvest.

  • German Manufactured PV System - Aug 2013- Epping Forest

    German manufactured pv system - aug 2013- epping forest 4.0 kwp pv system - customer choose to install an award winning german manufactured complete solar pv system , the modules & roof fixing items are from a manufacturer that has been in business for over 35 years... how's that for experience? please choose bankable & robust products... choose synergy power to help you with capping your future energy spend...

  • 10.0 KWP - NEW BUILD - Factory Unit - Sept 13

    10.0 kwp - new build - factory unit - sept 13 contractors , builders , planners please get in touch with us for your renewable obligation requirements. we provide a full add on service from the tender stage. choose us as your fully accredited renewables partner.

  • Office Roof - 8.0 Kwp - Nov 2013

    Office roof - 8.0 kwp - nov 2013 good investment is a profitable decision for decades. commercial building owners - put your roof space to work - achieve a return of between 12 -18% & neutralize your grid related expenses. please feel free to contact us for your free suitability report.

  •  Market 23 KwP PV - London

    market 23 kwp pv - london our 23 kwp pv installation at a well know london market

  • 50 KwP New Western Power Depot

    50 kwp new western power depot our 50 kwp pv install at a new western power depot

  • Birmingham University

    Birmingham university our 10.5 kwp pv install at birmingham university

  • 50 KwP Midlands Garden Centre

    50 kwp midlands garden centre our 50 kwp pv install at well known midlands garden centre