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Synergy Power Ltd

We specialise in

  • Domestic and Business
  • Solar PV (Electricity)
  • Solar Thermal (Hot Water)
  • Solar PV with Battery

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About Synergy Power Ltd

Fully Accredited Solar PV installer. Helping to Energize Businesses & home's Across the Nation.

Only High Efficiency Systems installed to ensure maximum levels of customer satisfaction.

Commercial PV at virtually no cost - Via Siemens / Carbon Trust Scheme. We Have helped Farms & Businesses to Reduce their Energy overheads & insulate themselves against a cost that is always on the rise - Business owners get in touch today & we will talk you through on how you can reduce your Energy Bills with no upfront Investment.

Phone Icon Call Synergy Power Ltd on - Tel: 02476158411 | Mob: 0800 6 906020

Location Icon Synergy Power Ltd, The Technocentre, Coventry University Technology Park. Puma Way, Coventry, West Midlands, CV1 2TT


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Installer of

  • Sharp
  • Sanyo
  • Perlight Solar
  • Phono Solar Technology Co. Ltd
  • Risen Energy Co. Ltd
  • SolarWorld

Featured Works

  • Commercial 10.0 KWP Install

    Commercial 10.0 kwp install completed in december 2012 - 40 * 250w black panel system - funded by siemens finance & appraised by synergy power & the carbon trust. this business will now generate a benefit of £3'286 in year 1, that will eradicate over 70% of their electricity overhead. business owners get in touch with us & we will show you how it is possible to have a similar system on your roof with no upfront costs.


    Farm owners - sow the seed that keeps on giving 30.0 kwp solar pv system - completed november 2013. shropshire this farm owner is on track to earn a 17% return on their investment. investment security : electricity generation payments are index linked to rpi to ensure monies grow with real world value. govt backed & guaranteed for 20 years. can your bank or wealth manager match this income opportunity?? 17% roi?? make your money work as hard as you do. invest in solar pv.

  • Domestic 4.0 Kwp Install -Leicestershire-Bushby

    Domestic 4.0 kwp install -leicestershire-bushby a 16 * 250w black frame panels - installs are generally completed in one day with very little internal disruption to you. we take great care to ensure your home is offered the market leading technology.

  • 3.75 Kwp Install - Humberstone

    3.75 kwp install - humberstone 15 * 250w black frame panels - domestic. this property is achieving record amounts of electricity generation mainly due to the orientation being very favourable.

  • 4.0 KWP install -Sutton ColdField

    4.0 kwp install -sutton coldfield 16 * 250 pv panels domestic

  • Tree Topps Farm - Somerset - Prior to install

    Tree topps farm - somerset - prior to install horse barns at tree topps farm in somerset - prior to install commencing on a 8.0 kwp solar pv system

  • 8.0 KWP install - Completed - Tree Topps Farm

    8.0 kwp install - completed - tree topps farm a 8.0 kwp system using high efficiency mono panels - 18.2% cell efficiency- full black modules. customer very satisfied with electricity generation to date. estimated generation year 1 6'753.00 kwh - barn owners - get in touch today , we will guide you through the options which are open to you . pv with no upfront costs . completed july 2012.

  • 4.0 KWP install -Mountsorell - Leicestershire

    4.0 kwp install -mountsorell - leicestershire 16 * 250w high efficiency black panels on a slate tile roof - completed july 2012. customer was initially very concerned of the aesthetic implications of having modules on their roof - upon completion of the works the customer was extremely satisfied with these black modules & was content with they way the modules looked on the roof space.

  • 4.0 KWP install -Oakham - Leicestershire- March 2013

    4.0 kwp install -oakham - leicestershire- march 2013 4.0 kwp - install oakham - leicestershire using 250w high efficiency mono panels completed march 2013

  • 4.0 KWP install -Mountsorell - Leicestershire-July 2012

    4.0 kwp install -mountsorell - leicestershire-july 2012 internal works - inverter - completed july 2012

  • 4.0 KWP- Gallium Modules -Huntingdon- Completed April 2013

    4.0 kwp- gallium modules -huntingdon- completed april 2013 customer choose the 8.33 gallium modules - they come with a market leading 90% output warranty over 25 years - insurance backed by zurich - performance that is married to good looks too! if you are thinking of installing a pv system - look these modules up - you will be impressed.

  • Huntingdon - Internal work-April 2013

    Huntingdon - internal work-april 2013 internal works - fronius inverter used. immersun unit also fitted.

  • 25.0 KWP - Poultry Farm - Warwicksire - Completed April 2013

    25.0 kwp - poultry farm - warwicksire - completed april 2013 carbon trust/ siemens funded 25.0 kwp funded solar pv project - kioto modules this poultry farm will generate a benefit of £7600 year 1 & over £220'000 over 20 years - with no upfront costs. farmers / barn owners get in touch today & we will show you how to realise projects of this nature.

  • 16.0 KWP - May 2013 -

    16.0 kwp - may 2013 - 16.0 kwp array on a factory unit - siemens funded project - factory/unit owners - you can tackle your electricity overhead that is always on the rise- by installing solar pv with no upfront or ongoing costs & the equipments belong to you from day one... get in touch for your free information pack

  • 16.0 KWP - May 2013 - Internal works

    16.0 kwp - may 2013 - internal works inverters for the pv array

  • 3.64 Kwp - Stockton

    3.64 kwp - stockton 14 * 260w mono modules - with a ground-breaking 21.1% cell efficiency. customers only wanted the array on their garage & not on the house roofs - a bespoke system was put in place to ensure all of the customers requirements were delivered - despite numerous challenges that had put three other installers off .

  • 2.86 kwp Coventry - June 2013

    2.86 kwp coventry - june 2013 customer was very keen on a high efficiency pv system - we had two problems here the roof tiles were ready for a complete replacement & also we were tasked with a limited roof area. solution 1 - we laid new roof tiles on front & rear roofs solution 2- we installed a 260w module with a 21.1% cell efficiency & solar-edge power optimisers behind each panel that will boost the energy harvest by 25% - result - a very happy customer.

  • 2.86 kwp Coventry - June 2013 - new roof tiles

    2.86 kwp coventry - june 2013 - new roof tiles new roof tiles supplied & fitted by us - we have years of experience in roofing - please get in touch for your free quote.

  • 11.52 KWP Pv System - Northants - Aug 2013

    11.52 kwp pv system - northants - aug 2013 another farm owner that has acquired a solar pv system that their farms owns from day one - the farm owner implemented this project with no upfront or on-going costs & the farm owner owns the fit's - please get in touch for your free consultation & we will help you realise your plans.

  • 11.52 KWP Pv System - - Aug 2013

    11.52 kwp pv system - - aug 2013 internal works - this set up was used to ensure the 11.52 kwp array achieves the best possible energy harvest.

  • German Manufactured PV System - Aug 2013- Epping Forest

    German manufactured pv system - aug 2013- epping forest 4.0 kwp pv system - customer choose to install an award winning german manufactured complete solar pv system , the modules & roof fixing items are from a manufacturer that has been in business for over 35 years... how's that for experience? please choose bankable & robust products... choose synergy power to help you with capping your future energy spend...

  • 10.0 KWP - NEW BUILD - Factory Unit - Sept 13

    10.0 kwp - new build - factory unit - sept 13 contractors , builders , planners please get in touch with us for your renewable obligation requirements. we provide a full add on service from the tender stage. choose us as your fully accredited renewables partner.

  • Office Roof - 8.0 Kwp - Nov 2013

    Office roof - 8.0 kwp - nov 2013 good investment is a profitable decision for decades. commercial building owners - put your roof space to work - achieve a return of between 12 -18% & neutralize your grid related expenses. please feel free to contact us for your free suitability report.

  •  Market 23 KwP PV - London

    market 23 kwp pv - london our 23 kwp pv installation at a well know london market

  • 50 KwP New Western Power Depot

    50 kwp new western power depot our 50 kwp pv install at a new western power depot

  • Birmingham University

    Birmingham university our 10.5 kwp pv install at birmingham university

  • 50 KwP Midlands Garden Centre

    50 kwp midlands garden centre our 50 kwp pv install at well known midlands garden centre

  • 19 plot social housing development

    19 plot social housing development contractors we have over eight years of experience with working all sizes of construction sites. we always aim to deliver our projects on time & are very reactive to any change in build schedules system design & solar pv related services cad design, drawings and layouts mechanical & electrical design and specification bespoke design solutions design from sap we would be delighted to assist with your schemes. if you have sap calculations, a code or planning requirements, or simply would like to add solar pv to your project, please contact us and one of the team will be able to help. we provide a full cad drawing package, including electrical schematics. we also handle all dno applications, mcs certifications and sseg notifications quality assurance mcs certified. all employees always follow strict guidelines laid out by synergy power. for all works, a method statement and risk assessments will be provided which should read in conjunction with manufacturer's installation guidelines. all technicians are fully trained to the highest standard to enable them to carry out the installation process for solar photovoltaic, and a training matrix is in place to ensure all training records are complete and up to date. all site installers hold cscs cards. our health & safety records are excellent