Google and Apple make the Climate A List 2015

This month CDP released their Global Climate Change Report 2015 which analyses corporate responses to the causes of global warming. Amongst the 113 companies that made the list tech giants like Google Inc, Apple Inc and Microsoft Corporation were featured prevalently.

Amongst the UK companies to make the cut were were big names Sky UK Limited, Diageo Plc and J Sainsbury Plc showing that it's not just Silicon Valleys' finest that can take steps to tackle climate change and introduce renewable measures.

The companies participating in CDP's climate change program are scored against performance and disclosure. The performance score is given based on a company's reported level of action on 'climate change mitigation, adaptation and transparency'. The disclosure element is scored on the quality of a company's response including information about the measurement and management of its carbon footprint, its climate change strategy and risk management processes and outcomes.

How tech giants are embracing solar and renewables

2015 has brought with it plenty of news about companies embracing renewables all over the world. Apple Inc. is one of those companies, with 100% of its data centers running on only renewable energy – the organisation has also set itself the goal of powering all of its corporate facilities around the world this way.

Google Inc has also expressed that they want to power all operations with 100% renewables. Currently 37% of the company's operations are renewably powered and Google is working to improve this. The company explains that they are currently purchasing green power for their data centers and pilot renewable technology such as solar installations on their campuses.

In 2012 Microsoft made a commitment to make its operations carbon neural and achieve net zero emissions in over 100 countries worldwide. Other big online names like Facebook, Amazon and Cisco have also made ambitious pledges to buy and adopt renewable energy and this trend looks set to continue over the coming years.

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