Get your Solar Schools application in before 29 May

The Solar Schools project, which aims to put clean green air into classrooms, has extended the deadline for its latest round of applications. But you’re going to need to get your skates on if you want to be considered for the scheme because schools only have until 29 May 2013 to apply.  

The Solar Schools project aims to help schools across the country crowd-fund the cost of installing solar photovoltaic panels. Schools who want to become cleaner, greener and leaner will need to raise at least £8,000 to install a solar PV system. However support is only available for a limited number of schools.

By embracing renewable energy schools benefit by lowering their energy bills, cutting their carbon dioxide emissions and using the feed-in tariff to generate a long-term income. Installing solar panels and seeing the technology at work first hand is also one of the most effective ways of teaching pupils about energy and climate change.

Take Ellistown Community Primary School in Leicestershire. The school is embarking on a range of activities and events to raise the £15,000 it needs to get solar panels installed. With almost half of the funds raised, a local solar panel installer, NSA Solar of Birstall has agreed to install their solar system at cost. With over 30 schools already signed up for the scheme, they include Catfield C of E, a small rural school in Norfolk and Christow Community Primary School in Devon.

How does it work?

Although more and more schools are keen to install solar PV systems, unfortunately cost remains the biggest barrier. The Solar Schools project is doing its bit to help schools overcome those financial barriers. Once a school sets a a fundraising target, the ideas is to rally the local community, encouraging parents, teachers, local businesses – even past pupils – to work together to raise the money needed to fund the installation. Popular methods of fundraising include Christmas discos, pre-loved clothing sales, sponsored walks and parent-teacher curry and quiz nights.

It’s really easy to get involved and invest in a sustainable future. People keen to make a contribution can do so by donating a minimum of £5 to sponsor a tile.

Now into its second year, the project is run by 10:10, a network of over 100,000 people with a mission to tackle climate change. Partners include Lush, Mumsnet and Co-operative Energy.

The Solar Schools project is about doing right by your local community but you’ll also be contributing to the global fight against climate change. For more information about the project and to submit an application please visit www.




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