How Much Does Solar Power Cost?

Solar power still has a stigma of high installation costs attached to it, but there are numerous reasons why switching to solar power now could prove to be one of the most cost effective decisions you make.

Primarily, what you have to remember about solar power is once you've covered the initial cost of the technology and installation the energy it creates is free. And don't let the initial cost of solar power blur you because more traditional power sources are increasing in price and will continue to do so as resources deplete, prices rise and governments push people towards more environmentally friendly options.

It's also worth taking into account the fact you can sell back any electricity you generate with Solar PV and fail to use to utility companies.

And with solar power advancing constantly, cheaper and more efficient solutions are being created and tested continuously. And the savings you accumulate throughout the lifetime of your solar power system by not having to pay bills on your electricity production and usage will pay-off the initial cost of the system and installation.

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