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Based in Milton Keynes, Schüco offer an extensive range of solar generating products together with aluminium and steel fenestration systems for the whole building envelope.

With over 50 years experience, Schüco windows, doors and facades can be found in all kinds of structures around the world from schools, offices, apartments, hospitals to futuristic landmark towers. Taking into account the dwindling energy resources worldwide, Schüco has now set its focus on key issues for the future. Providing attractive energy-saving and renewable energy solutions and combining them with an emphasis on automation, security and good design is the company’s mission.

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For over 10 years the company has been successfully developing and producing solar technology. In 2005, they commissioned the first 1,000 Megawatt manufacturing plant for thermal collectors in Germany, equivalent to the output of a nuclear power station.

The Schüco solar program consists of products for solar heating and solar electricity generation. It provides solar shading, solar thermal transfer, photovoltaics and solar installation systems. Products are promoted as hassle-free, low-maintenance and durable. A solar system from Schüco ensures the highest possible quality, with the company priding itself on energy, security, comfort and design.

According to Schüco solar energy is desirable for householders considering construction, refurbishment, redecoration, and the replacement of heating or water systems – given your roof does not face north. The system is dimensioned according to your hot water requirements and is determined mainly by the number of collectors on the roof and the size of the storage cylinder.

By choosing solar thermal with Schüco, two product ranges are available. There is a choice between a Premium and Compact line range of products. Premium line allows for design freedom to make your solar system as attractive as possible. Thermal collectors, photovoltaic modules, hot air collectors and Schüco roof windows can be combined in one system and are available in a number of different frame colours.

There is a choice of six different types of installation. Potential customers can calculate their ideal system configuration for solar thermal via the company's website. The planning tool is designed to calculate your hot water and heating requirements.

Photovoltaic modules by Schüco are flexible enough for the most varied of applications, from large detached homes to complex roof light constructions. All system components undergo rigorous quality testing and PV modules are supplied with guaranteed module performance.

The PV Light installation system allow for almost any PV module currently available on the German market to be installed on your roof. Easy operation and tested structural calculations for the individual components and of the overall constructions guarantee reliable, secure installation.

In October Schüco won the Good Employer Of The Year Award. It is the only manufacturer to feature in a Top 50 Employers list otherwise made up solely of architects, consultants, engineers and contractors, cementing its status as a top choice for customers in UK.

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