Latest FiT Figures Released By Ofgem

IMPORTANT notice about this article: Please note that the Feed-in Tariff (FiT) scheme closed to new applications on March 31st 2019.

The latest feed-in tariff (Fit) figures have been released by Ofgem, revealing that in excess of 80,000 installations were registered by Ofgem under the scheme from 1 April 2010 to 30 September 2011.

The 80,875 renewable installations represents a total installed capacity of 316.3MW which have been registered for FiTs since the scheme was launched at the beginning of April 2010, an increase of nearly 100% in the total installed capacity figure of 152MW from June. Most notably, the figures reveal that more than 35,000 installations were registered in the last three months of the scheme alone.

Once again solar PV technology represented the majority of new installations, with a whopping 98% of all installations between 1 July to 30 September.  The figures also indicate the largest quarterly uptake for anaerobic digestions and microCHP installations since the start of the feed-in tariff, with five and 95 respectively.

Solar PV makes up around 83% of all installed capacity, up on the 74% in June, whilst wind and hydro come in with 9% and 5% respectively.

The data shows that solar PV installations have continued to increase in every region of the UK, apart from the north west. In terms of the areas with the highest installed capacity, the winners were Scotland, the south east and the south west. The south west was the area with the largest increase in installed capacity, up from the 27.4MW in June to 73.6MW in September 2011; a massive 268% increase.

According to Ofgem’s latest FiT figures, the domestic sector share of all installed capacity is 73%, with commercial achieving 22% and commercial and industrial making up the remaining 5%.

Ofgem's figures further reveal that during the quarter 1 July to 30 September 2011, a total of £24,576,702.12 payments were due to be made to registered installations, including both generation and export payments.

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