Invisible wires for transparent solar windows developed

SolarWindow Technologies, Inc. announced on 3 November a successful breakthrough in developing invisible wires for use with its power generating glass.

The wires, which are as thin as human hair, have been developed for the improved transmission of electricity from the surface of its power-generating glass. This is another step forward from the first generation invisible wire microgrid already developed by the company for its SolarWindow? technology.

John A. Conklin, President and CEO of SolarWindow Technologies, Inc. explained "Our previous system was widely acknowledged as a technical breakthrough. However, we've always wanted to push the boundaries, and have now done so with wires as thin as human hair. Moving forward, our technology team has vowed to attempt even finer wiring grids in order to help them eventually disappear to the human eye".

This transparent wiring will enhance the company's offering of SolarWindow? which engineers envision installed on skyscrapers and towers, generating electricity from natural, shaded, and even artificial light. The coating when modelled on a 50 story building outperformed traditional rooftop solar with as much as 50 times more energy generated.

With the future of the Feed-in Tariff in the UK uncertain, new technological developments like this could be crucial to the continuing success of the adoption of renewables in the near future.

Image source: SolarWindow Technologies, Inc.

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