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The Greener Group

We specialise in

  • Domestic
  • Airsource Heat Pumps
  • Biomass Boiler
  • Electric
  • Gas
  • Groundsource Heat Pumps
  • Oil
  • Solar PV (Electricity)
  • Solar Thermal (Hot Water)
  • Vented Cylinders
  • Unvented Cylinders
  • Electrical
  • Garage Conversion
  • Home Improvement / Refurbishment
  • Loft Conversion
  • uPVC
  • Aluminium
  • Roof Repairs
  • New Roof
  • Timber
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About The Greener Group

The Greener Group are gas safe accredited installers specialising in new gas boiler installations.

Also MCS accredited company specialising in the installation of the very latest solar photovoltaic (PV) electricity systems. With a firm commitment to providing clear accurate advice, excellent customer service, quality products and clean energy.

The Greener Group provides the most cost effective and easy to install solar energy systems that will reduce your energy bills and make the most amount of income possible.

With the Feed-in Tariff in place there is no better time to invest in Solar Panels for your home. They offer a fantastic rate of return and energy security. We are an award winning company with a satisfied client list, so call us today for a free no obligation quote!

Phone Icon Call The Greener Group on - Tel: 01244405285 | Mob: 07904280255

Location Icon The Greener Group, Office 5, Evans Business Centre, Minerva Avenue, Chester West Employment Park, Chester, Cheshire, CH1 4QL


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Installer of

  • Romag
  • Sharp
  • Sanyo
  • Schueco

Featured Works

  • Kingsley, Cheshire 2.5kW

    Kingsley, cheshire 2.5kw an incredible smaller installation using visually impressive black modules to keep with the design of the original building. by opting for a smaller system that uses the same colour panels as the original tiles, our customer was happier with the overall finished state of the installation.

  • Guilden Sutton 4kW

    Guilden sutton 4kw this photo highlights our 4kw domestic solar pv installation at guilden sutton, cheshire on a sunny day in the summer of 2015.

  • Lancaster House Hotel - 85kW solar PV

    Lancaster house hotel - 85kw solar pv a truly stunning photo of our 85kw solar pv installation at lancaster house hotel. the system comprises 340 x 250w modules orientated on the two south-facing roofs. 100% of the energy produced will be used by the site.

  • Meadowbrooke - 4kW solar PV

    Meadowbrooke - 4kw solar pv a not particularly sunny day for this solar installation, but the system will still produce great savings for our customer!

  • Anglesey Eco House

    Anglesey eco house this house in anglesey has been designed to be as eco-friendly as possible. we were delighted to install the solar pv part of this truly incredible project. the building has been awarded an 'a' rating for energy efficiency.

  • Anglesey Eco House Ground Mount

    Anglesey eco house ground mount this 4kw system was split between an on-roof section with the remaining panels being mounted directly on the ground.

  • Fields Farm Cottage PV

    Fields farm cottage pv this 3.975kw solar pv installation is part of a solar pv/biomass installation at fields farm cottage. by installing both pv and biomass our customer will benefit from both the fit and rhi.

  • Fields Farm 45kW Biomass Boiler

    Fields farm 45kw biomass boiler and here's the biomass boiler to compliment the solar panels at fields farm cottage.

  • Tuesley Farm Biomass

    Tuesley farm biomass this biomass boiler will provide plenty of heat energy for this farm to operate, all whilst benefiting from the rhi.

  • Portsmouth Surgical Equipment 250kW solar PV installation

    Portsmouth surgical equipment 250kw solar pv installation a stunning sunset photo of our 250kw solar pv installation at portsmouth surgical equipment. this project will actually generate more energy than the site needs, meaning our customer can make more money selling their excess energy to the national grid.

  • Sheeplands Farm Hydrelio 200kW

    Sheeplands farm hydrelio 200kw we're incredibly proud to have installed the uk's first ever hydrelio floating solar pv project at a farm near reading.

  • United Utilities solar PV

    United utilities solar pv we installed an on-roof 50kw solar pv system at united utilities in prescot. this first installation was a trial to see whether the company wanted to proceed further with renewable technologies.

  • Morris Quality Bakers solar PV

    Morris quality bakers solar pv our 100kw solar pv installation at morris quality bakers in lancashire.

  • Heathlands Farm solar PV

    Heathlands farm solar pv our great looking solar pv system at heathlands farm on a lovely sunny day!

  • Tyddyn Isaf 50kW ground mount

    Tyddyn isaf 50kw ground mount our 50kw ground mount installation. tyddyn isaf is located in an area of outstanding natural beauty and home to rare species of wildlife, so the placement of the panels was a top priority to get right.

  • Hoole, Domestic solar PV

    Hoole, domestic solar pv a fantastic shot of our domestic pv installation in hoole, chester. this is the most traditional style of domestic installation, with other types being available.

  • Solar Slate, Slough 4kW

    Solar slate, slough 4kw these solar slates can be incorporated into a new roof to allow for a more seamless design. they also benefit from the feed-in tariff and will produce a profit over the course of their time under the fit.

  • Withers Farm 50kW solar PV

    Withers farm 50kw solar pv our 50kw solar pv installation at withers farm will produce plenty of energy for the site to use directly, as well as providing a new revenue stream through the feed-in tariff.

  • Sheeplands 199kW Biomass Boiler

    Sheeplands 199kw biomass boiler this biomass boiler will produce lots of heat energy for our customer, saving them money over traditional heating systems. it also benefits from the renewable heat incentive (rhi).