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Heelas Heating And Renewables

Welcome to Heelas Heating and Renewables

Heelas Heating & Renewables is based in Abingdon, Oxfordshire and can supply, install and maintain Solar Panels, Solar Tubes, Heat Pumps, Biomass/Gas/Oil & LPG Boilers, Under Floor and Central Heating Systems
83 Vineyard, Abingdon, OX14 3PG

Oxford Solar PV

Oxford Solar PV is a family owned company specializing in the installation of domestic and commercial Solar PV systems across Oxfordshire and the surrounding areas.
50 High Street, Wheatley, Oxford, OX33 1XT

IQ (GB) Ltd

IQ (GB) Ltd
Unit 1, Grove Farm, Milton Hill, Abingdon, OX14 4DP

Next Generation Renewable Energy Ltd

Next Generation Renewable Energy are MCS accredited in solar thermal, PV and heat pumps.
The Old Tannery, Hensington Road, Woodstock, OX20 1JL

Alternative Energy Solutions Ltd

If you are a householder or business manager and you are worried about ever-rising fuel bills, future energy shortages and carbon pollution, AES Ltd have a range of solutions designed to really help. We are experts in solar energy.
50 Howard Cornish Rd, Marcham, Abingdon, OX13 6PW

EvoEnergy Limited

   4.65 out of 5    14 reviews
EvoEnergy is one of the largest solar installers in the UK, helping more and more homes and businesses discover the benefits of generating their own clean electricity.
Here are some Oxford solar quotes we received:

Maintenance/Repairs of Solar Hot Water Systems in Oxford

OX1 - solar thermal on new build, i am looking for a contractor to do the annual servicing. Thank you
OX2 - I already have solar panels, but the water isn't getting hot, there appears to be something wrong with the electrics. the instaler has stopped trading.

New Solar Thermal Installation in Oxford

Headington OX3 - Solar thermal panels for hot water, for a household that has 0-3 showers a day, 1-2 baths a week and washing up in the evenings. Large south facing roof.

New Solar PV Installation in Oxford

OX44 - 4kw solar pv system required. Install within 1 month. Call in evenings.
OX44 - we would like a 4kw system. the roof faces south west and has a 42 deg pitch. we have scaffold access
OX4 - solar panels to be installed on roof, small or medium size
Kennington OX1 - Looking for a 4kw system. Roof is south facing, no shading, pitched and tiled. Install asap. (must be fitted by end of December to take advantage of current tariff) Contact: after 5pm.
Rutherway OX2 - Maintenance for solar water heater and installation of PV, possible smart switching.·····scussion of storage options.
OX4 - South West facing roof, likely 2.5kW size scheme
OX1 - House is terraced, E/W orientation. Attice has been developed so that the roof is essentially flat over western side (minimal gradient for water run off). Available flat area is ca 15x10'. Is this possible?
OX4 - Standard installation on rear flat roof above loft conversion. Timber frame roof with rooffelt. Access to roof through velux windows at the front (WE got on the roof with ease when we needed to install a chimney liner into the chimney for a woodburner.
OX2 - My roof size is around 6 X 3.3 m, face south, tilt 33-34. Please give the prices of your different products.
OX1 - on shallow-pitched east-west facing roof, 4 storeys high. Available roof area approx. 22 m2 on each face.
OX4 - east/west facing rooves on semi-detached house. Would it be worthwhile installing PV for generating solar electricity for my own use and for the feed-in tariff?
Headington OX3 - I understand that you installed the PV roof on 56 Nelson street, our retrofit for the future project which I initiated with Ridge and Partners. We are the lead academic on the project monitoring the retrofit (pre and post) for two years. I am buying a new house in Kidlington (4-bed detached) and I was interested in investigating the possibility of installing solar PVs (monocrystalline/most efficient panels). 1. The house has east-west orientation with some roof which is south facing. 2. What will be the cost of installing 2-3kWp system? Please give a vey good quote as I am a colleague operating in this field. 3. Are any capital grants available for private-house holders in Oxford? 4. I would be eligible for FITs. Do we need to be with a particular supplier for this? 5. Would you be able to install the system and how much time will it take to do so? I would like to get it done asap.
OX4 - PV system installation, grid tie , feed in tariff . Approx 25sqm slate roof SE facing approx 30 degree slope. Velux in roof that could be moved.
OX2 - Mid-terrace 3 bedroom with slate tiled roof. Install on rear roof which is South Facing. Electricity consumption 2,600kWh per annum. Quote for Solar PV Panel Installation based on Government Feed-In Tariff.
OX2 - The roof will take a maximum of 14 panels of size 1m X 1.5m
OX2 - I am looking to install panels on the west facing roof of my house - will need advice on whether and how many the roof can take.

New Looks (OXON)

Ultimate specialists in Solar PV. Providing clients with access to the latest technologies and hassle free installations from design to completion.
2 Page Furlong, Dorchester-on-Thames, Wallingford, OX10 7PU

Genius Energy Ltd

   5.00 out of 5    2 reviews
Genius Energy Ltd is a designer, supplier and installer of renewable energy solutions for domestic, commercial and public sector buildings, we offer solar thermal, solar PV (photovoltaic), wind turbines, heat pumps.

Sims Solar

Welcome to Sims Solar, an independent company specialising in the design, supply, installation and maintenance of solar photovoltaic (PV) and solar thermal systems.
50 Wantage Road, Wallingford, OX10 0LY

Claydon Microgeneration Ltd

We offer a total package of design, supply & installation of Solar PV systems to generate green electricity for residential, commercial & public sector buildings.
Nearby, we also have Solar installers in Kidlington, Abingdon, and Woodstock.

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