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Our Installers in Norwich were rated 4.64 out of 5 (based on 16 reviews of 4 companies)

Absolute Solar & Wind (South)

   4.73 out of 5    4 reviews
We are an Energy Savings Trust award winning company specialising in solar pv, solar thermal and wind.
Asperation House, Delft Way, Norwich, NR6 6BB

Norfolk Solar

The Renewable Energy Association noted:

“Norfolk Solar adopts an innovative, low carbon and ethical business model.”

PV Solar Solar Termal & Biomass installers. Sunpower partners

Norfolk Solar is in its fourteenth year, and has established a strong reputation for quality, fair trade and service.
2 Charles Watling Way, Bowthorpe Employment Area, Norwich, NR5 9JH

Eco Juice Ltd

We are qualified electricians with 20 years’ experience on both domestic and industrial installations. We are subsequently trained for the design and installation of PV installations.
4 Romany Road, Norwich, NR3 4RE

Sands Solar Energy

Sands Solar part of the Sands TV Group. MCS qualified installers. MCS trained sales team
East Anglia coverage. No obligation quotations. 10 year warranty. Free surveys
Unit E5-E6, Southwell Road, Norwich, NR10 3JU

Norfolk And Suffolk Electricians Ltd

Norfolk and Suffolk Electricians Ltd are fully MCS accredited solar photvoltaic energy installation specialists.
20 Tuttles Lane East, Wymondham, NR18 0EN

Solarworks Ltd

   4.83 out of 5    2 reviews
Solar Works was established in 1983, and is a well respected and established company in the local area.
Frogs Hall Road, Lavenham, Sudbury, CO10 9QH
Here are some Norwich solar quotes we received:

New Solar PV Installation in Norwich

Roughton NR11 - Solar PV. Roof: East and west. Pitched and felt. No shading. 5 windows on the roof. 4kwh system. Install within 1 month. Contact anytime. Appointments anytime.
NR14 - Solar PV. Roof: South facing. Pitched and tiled. Slight shading from trees in the early AM. No windows on roof. Wants a 4kw system. Install within 3 month. Contact anytime. Appointments anytime.
Lingwood NR13 - 3 bed semi. Roof: South facing roof we think it may possibly be an 8 panel installation. Pitched and tiled. No windows. no shading. Call anytime. Install within 1 month. Appointments: after 4pm
NR15 - Solar PV. Roof: Not Sure. Pitched and tiled. No shading. 5 windows on the roof. Not Sure of the size of the system. Install within 3 months. Contact anytime. Appointments anytime.
NR13 - Solar PV . Roof: south facing. Pitch and tiled. No shading . No windows on roof . 4KW. Install ASAP. Contact: anytime Appointments: anytime
NR6 - Split PoV system, South facing garage & west or east elevation on bungalow, pitched, concrete tiled roof. 4kw system required. No windows. No shading. Timescale: within 1 month. Contact anytime. Appointments: anytime. Specifically asked for Alpha Eco Systems.
Rackheath NR13 - Solar PV. South facing roof, pitched and tiled. No shading and no windows. Work timescale within 6 months. Appointments: Friday afternoons, weekends or w/c 16th March. Call anytime.
NR7 - L shaped bugalow, north, south and west facing, pitched, tiled roof. No shading on roof. Had no quotes as of yet. Open to suggestions on system size. Would like the work to be done within 6 months. Contact: any time. Appointments: any time.
NR12 - South east facing, concrete tiled, pitched roof. 4kw. monocrystalline system requested. Timescale: within 1 month. Contact anytime Mrs Suzanne or Mr ····· ·····. Appointments daytime.
Lingwood NR13 - 3 bed detached. Roof: South facing bungalow roof 16 panels. Pitched and tiled. No windows. 1 chimney on roof. Call anytime. Install within 1 month. Appointments: evenings and weekends best but can do days
Costessey NR8 - I am new to this sort of thing but would like to have quotes for very cheap electricity and a good feed in tarrif and pay as little as possiblemmy house has sun on the front until 12 oclock and the rest is on the back. the side is L shaped I hope this helps thank you.
Drayton NR8 - Solar PV. South facing roof, pitched and tiled. No shading, 1 window and chimney stack to work around. Looking for 10 panels. Has had quotes. Work timescale within 1 month. Appointments: any day. Call anytime.
Horsford NR10 - I\'ve had a quote for 6 panels to be installed on south facing - no shade roof and would like further quotes to compare before going ahead.
NR1 - I\'d like a few (about 8-10) panels fitted to the roof of my house. It\'s a small terraced cottage with 2 rooms downstairs and 3 upstairs. At present I have a wood burning stove which runs 1 radiator and an immersion heater.
Southrepps NR11 - Roof: south. Pitched and tiled. Wants the flush ones. No windows, nor shading. Solar PV on Barn Roof, roof length 11.5m x 2.2m. Prefer flush fitting like:············?ssPageName=STRK:MEWAX:IT&_trksid=p3984.m1423.l2649/ . Call mornings. Install within a month. Appointments: anytime
Walcott NR12 - Purchase should go through on Saturday. Has access. our holdiay home and therefore speed of installation is not critical - typical 2 bedroom bungalow facing I believe south / South east. Pitched and tiled. No windows nor shading. Install within 3 months. Call anytime. Appointments: anytime
Bunwell NR16 - The land is off grid, has 2 static caravans on, would like enough power to power both trailers!
NR13 - Roof size around 24 to 35 square metres. House facing 16degress off due south I understand. Angle of roof believed to be in rage 30 to 45 degrees. House view available on google earth small union jacks on it at time. Roof space available for internal parts of installation. Current monthly bill average in region of £75 per month
NR6 - We have a detached bungalow and are looking for quotes for solar panels and hot water system. Not sure what size of system but I think we need 4 Kw, Don't have an energy rating but checked out the energy trust website and itlooks like we are a D
Mundesley NR11 - detached house double hipped roof, south facing , rsdtimate 25 sq meters roof area - ned instalataion before March

Renewable Technologies Uk Ltd

Renewable Technologies Ltd are a commercial and residential solar PV and electrical contractor. We have installed over 1500 residential systems and over 1.5 MW of on roof commercial systems.
Unit 1A, Main Road, Norwich, NR13 4TA

Alpha Eco Systems

   4.75 out of 5    5 reviews
Alpha Eco Systems for solar PV installations. Genuine low prices, sole proprietor so lower overheads and those savings passed straight to you. System payback times reduced, your profits increased and a one to one service. LOWEST PRICE PROMISE!
The Barn, Back Lane, Rollesby, Great Yarmouth, NR29 5EE

Fenland Solar Ltd

   4.37 out of 5    5 reviews
Fenland Solar Ltd are a whole of market independent sales & installation company for Photovoltaic systems. We supply and install both domestic and commercial systems on a wide range of surfaces.

Acorn Solar & Renewables

We are a highly experienced Solar & Renewables company based on the Norfolk & Suffolk border. Andy the owner has been installing solar panels since 1996 and has thousands of installations to his credit including domestic solar PV, commercial & solar farm installations.
18 Mobbs Way Business Park, Mobbs Way, Lowestoft, NR32 3BE
Nearby, we also have Solar installers in Wymondham, Bungay, and North Walsham.

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