White House to install solar panels under Obama

The roof of the White House is to receive an installation of solar panels.

It is understood that President Obama has agreed to the change in the hopes that it will encourage more homeowners in the US to take advantage of renewable energy.

President Obama will now be using a water heating system as well as having between 20 – 50 panels installed to generate electricity for the White House Residence.

This is not the first time solar technology has been used in the White House.  In 1979 Jimmy Carter installed a solar water heater, but the technology was later removed by Ronald Regan.

Commenting on the latest news, US energy secretary Steven Chu said: “This project reflects President Obama’s strong commitment to US leadership in solar energy and the jobs it will create here at home.

“Deploying solar energy technologies across the country will help America lead the global economy for years to come.”

Back in August Prince Charles made a similar announcement after he was granted planning permission to install solar panels on the roof of Clarence House, his main residence.

The panels are expected to produce 4,000 kw hours of electricity a year.

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