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Customer Reviews

"Getting money from the supplier."

I've found it very difficult getting paid by the supplier , in my case British Gas. I've sent the readings off, and as yet no reply or acknowledgement of receipt, all done by the magic of the internet of course, but I'm still rather frustrated that they have my money and are so tardy in forth coming with it.


"Solar Panels Electricity."

Ii is working well. My present Electric mater reading always does negative, So E.On need to replace my present meter.


"3 firms contacted us very quickly."

I phoned Solar guide and spoke to a friendly and efficient woman. Who quickly had 3 firms ring me. 2 of the firms turned out to be very good, and gave us in the written form information which they explained. You did not feel that you were getting hard pitch sales. At a later date when we had more questions to ask these were answered.



Very polite and helpfull advisor


"solar call"

Helpful advice


"Quick, Respectful and efficient"

The caller was very helpful and explained everything fully

Neil Buchan


Was very informal, and polite

Sandra Eakers

"Very good"

Very quick response, look forward to receiving quotations from suppliers.

Matthew Field

"Speedy Reply"

I had a call within 1 hour of making a request and as I missed that I had an email. When I contacted I spoke to Heather and she was clear and well informed and friendly. I would appreciate if you send me this in a few weeks time when I have had contact with the firms you recommend. Then I will really be able to give a truer response. Aileen

Aileen O'Kane

"Helpful and informed advice"

Good service on a complex subject

Peter Hinton

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Arrived the time agreed, sorted problem. very satisfied. Will use again, hopefully not too soon.

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Expensive, but arrived as arranged , however I was not given any information as to what was done although the system seems to be more efficient. It would be useful to have a note of what work was carried out for future reference.

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Brilliant Kuki answered all our questions and didn’t mind email after email of questions. The fitting of our solar Battery was first class, very neat and tidy

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